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Case Studies

People Empowered. People Protected.

Our mission is to advance a new era of security fundamental to organizational growth that empowers people across companies to play an essential role in managing risk to multiply success. These are just a handful of companies who use Ostendio at every stage of their compliance and security journey.

Here are their stories.

When your people are protected,

your business is secure.

Ostendio is built to protect against real threats, not just audit compliance. In addition to core system protections and automation, we provide dynamic functionality to engage and empower the people across your ecosystem that have the greatest impact on your company’s ability to operate securely in complex environments.


Our Clients. Their Stories.

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BlueSteel Cybersecurity Streamlines Compliance & Security for Clients with Ostendio

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Dina Accelerates HITRUST Audit Timeline with Ostendio


Ostendio Audit Guarantee Provides Vote of Confidence to Voluware

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I was looking for something that had a certain level of maturity and more importantly [a company] that could provide the required support to keep Kinetik moving at 500 miles an hour. Ostendio was bringing the experience of managing the project and writing up policies and procedures for HITRUST.

Aaron Oboh - Kinetik
Aaron Oboh

Chief Information Officer, Kinetik

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Ostendio helped us during every step of the process - setting up policies and procedures, as well as finding a good assessor that would work with the platform.

Jim Nathlich
Jim Nathlich

Director of Information Systems, AristaMD

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Ostendio has supported our promise of humanizing cybersecurity, allowing us to represent the security program in a consolidated and clear communicative space.

Ali Allage, BlueSteel Cyber
Ali Allage

CEO, BlueSteel Cybersecurity

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Ostendio presents things in a more positive light, where [clients] see progress occurring.

Using the task module has been far more effective at getting people to make timely changes, rather than handing them a table and Word document.

James Reichle
James Reichle,

Senior Cyber Risk Advisor, Sourcepass

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[Our auditor praised us as] so well organized. But it wasn’t us–it was Ostendio and the tool that got us organized for this audit. I can’t imagine anybody not wanting to do this.

Richard Gaglio
Richard Gaglio

Vice President of Information Security, HRS

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I feel very fortunate that we landed on [Ostendio]. It’s been a terrific collaboration. I think Ostendio does a great job of threading the needle–being affordable, being mindful of the budget, and providing the expert tools and resources to get it done.

Patrick Mish, CEO, SilverStay-1
Patrick Mish

CEO, SilverStay

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"With the Ostendio experience, we could right-size the entire project. We worked well together to ensure we were executing our project plan on time, completing policies and procedure documentation, getting it in front of our auditor, and closing our tech gap."

Ross Lipenta
Ross Lipenta

Senior Vice President of Technology

Everyone Secure.

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