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5 stars - Edited

Ostendio helped us during every step of the process - setting up policies and procedures, as well as finding a good assessor that would work with the platform.
We chose Ostendio for our SOC 2 preparation because the platform makes it easy to organize documentation and evidence, plus we can work with an auditor directly in the platform.
[Being on the platform] definitely reduces friction in closing deals - We can very readily point to the system processes and architecture that is in place, provide evidence of our process, and otherwise speak with great confidence in managing a future customers PHI.
Multi-faceted Compliance Information Assurance Tool - The ability to assign and track policy acknowledgment and provide a compliance scorecard for multiple regulatory requirements all under a single repository.
Jim Nathlich Ramon Castro emocha Patrick Mish, CEO, SilverStay Aaron Oboh
Jim Nathlich, Director of Information Systems, AristaMD
Ramon Castro, Chief Technology Officer, emocha Health
Patrick Mish, CEO, SilverStay
Aaron Oboh, Chief Compliance Officer, Kinetik

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Turn your biggest security risk
into your biggest asset.

Secure Your People.

Secure Your People

Get the only people- first, technology-driven risk management platform that protects much more than just your systems. Your people.

Secure Your Ecosystem

Secure Your Ecosystem

Protect every connection inside and outside your company with Ostendio smart tools, processes, and documents that deploy across your enterprise.

Secure Your Future.

Secure Your Future

Ostendio is the only solution that gets your security and risk management right from the start and stays with you at every phase of your growth.