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In-kind platform donation helps busy community healthcare organization fill a funding gap

Ostendio helps La Clinica Del Pueblo meet security and compliance needs

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Divya Moolchandani, compliance officer at La Clinica Del Pueblo

“It is a game changer for us at LCDP. We are beyond grateful. If we were using spreadsheets I would need to employ six full-time employees instead of your platform. The cost savings of that goes directly back to helping our patients.”

- Divya Moolchandani, Compliance Officer at LCDP

The Challenge

La Clínica del Pueblo, a community-based healthcare center, needed to meet industry security regulations, such as HIPAA, and build a robust security program to protect the integrity of its confidential health records.

Build a Robust Security Program

To meet the evolving needs of its clients, La Clínica identified the need to build a robust security program to track and manage the flow of client health information. 

Align with Security Frameworks
La Clínica Del Pueblo needed to align its security controls with healthcare security frameworks, such as HIPAA.
Scale Efficiency & Optimize Resources

To optimize the productivity of its limited staff, La Clínica sought to eliminate the hassle and redundancy of using spreadsheets to manage its security and compliance program.

The Solution

La Clínica del Pueblo successfully leverages the Ostendio platform to scale its security program and align security controls with HIPAA guidelines.


Align Controls with Security Frameworks

By operationalizing its security program, La Clínica aligned its controls against security frameworks, like HIPAA.


Easily Demonstrate Audit Trails

With formalized processes and policies, La Clínica can track operational changes, providing essential reports to auditors.  

Easily Track & Manage Assets and User Access

La Clínica can easily track manage user access to assets, set data policies within assets, set and track asset risk, and manage remediation

Hear directly from La Clinica del Pueblo

Working with Ostendio provided La Clinica del Pueblo with an easy-to-use security and compliance platform that enabled the health clinic to reallocate resources to patient care.

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Ostendio helps La Clinica free up staff to focus on patients

 “When we understood the Ostendio mission it was a gift that fell in our laps. We have seen our workforce change. Ostendio has freed up their time to give back to the patients because Ostendio has made our processes more efficient.” 
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Ostendio enables secure flow of healthcare data to ensure patient care

"Using the Ostendio platform, we can track [patient] information. This has helped us gather valuable data that we can then take to other hospitals and explain how they could also be involved with helping our clients."
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Ostendio helps La Clinica saves thousands in labor costs

 “It is a game changer for us - we are beyond grateful. If we were using spreadsheets I would need to employ six full-time employees instead of your platform. The cost savings of that goes directly back to helping our patients.”
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More than software, Ostendio's 'intuitive' platform backed by a team of security experts

 “The platform is generally intuitive, [but] the customer success team feels like I have an expert partner and that is what I needed in terms of service from a vendor.”  
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Ostendio's "people-first" values exemplified

“You can tell they have a set of core values and they identify with the values of your company and that comes across.”

Ostendio is proud to be a Pledge 1% member. In addition to direct donations, we provide the Ostendio platform for free or at a reduced price to qualifying non-profits and give our employees paid time off to volunteer.

Pledge 1%  is a global movement that encourages and empowers companies of all sizes and stages to donate 1% of their staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to any charity of their choosing.

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