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HITRUST With Ostendio

Demonstrate Serious Security
with a HITRUST Certification

Scale and accelerate your HITRUST security program backed by the only
HITRUST Readiness Licensee security and risk management platform.

Ostendio is an Authorized Readiness Licensee for HITRUST

Elevate your security and compliance.

Guarantee HITRUST compliance with robust security solutions.

In lock-step with Ostendio, you're guaranteed to pass your HITRUST audit. Secure your data with unwavering commitment from HITRUST experts and smart solutions.

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HITRUST Certification

What does it take to get HITRUST Compliant?

Aprio Partner, Powell Jones, shares what goes into getting HITRUST compliant from timeline expectations to operationalizing your security long-term.

Not sure where to begin?

Confidently prepare for HITRUST with all-star readiness experts

Experience peace of mind and reliability by preparing for your HITRUST certification with the only team of Readiness Licensees with a security and risk management platform.


The HITRUST Solution for
Serious Security Professionals


Repeatable evidence use with Ostendio's GRC tool

Save time with repeatable evidence workflows

Crosswalk between 200+ frameworks with Ostendio's GRC tool

Crosswalk evidence between 150 security frameworks

Collaborate in app with Ostendio

Collaborate with auditors without leaving the platform

Continuous data security monitoring with Ostendio's GRC platform

Stay secure with continuous monitoring

Vendor Risk Management | Ostendio

Easily asses and manage vendor risk

Audit Guarantee | Ostendio

Guaranteed to pass every audit*

HITRUST Resources

Audit Master Class HITRUST Certification for Serious Security Professionals


HITRUST for Serious Security Professionals

HITRUST-Certification eBook


HITRUST: Is it right for you?

 Dina accelerates HITRUST audit prep timeline by 50% with Ostendio (3)

Case Study

Dina accelerates HITRUST audit timeline 2x faster with Ostendio

Let's Get Started Together on Your HITRUST Journey

Find out how to scale your security and compliance with HITRUST.
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