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Case Study

How Arklign Built a Cultural Commitment to Security




  • Seeking increased patient data security to meet growth and product expansion

  • Needed to satisfy patient security requirements and go beyond basic security to develop a mature security program that was always audit-ready



  • Worked toward a SOC 2 audit with the Ostendio platform and Ostendio Professional Services

  • Scoped out a security program that fit Arklign's needs as the company scales


  • Hours saved preparing for SOC 2, and the ability to easily crosswalk into new frameworks using the platform

  • Tracking and retaining new clients without time-consuming security scrutiny

The Challenge

Success breeds new challenges: Increased innovations requires increase patient data scrutiny

Arklign started as a traditional dental laboratory but heard pain points from customers around the traceability of orders and the security of customer information. Arklign saw an opportunity to help customers by building a SaaS platform that would solve some of the common communication problems between the dentist and the dental lab when placing orders. As the company continued to grow, Arklign realized that the innovative solution they had created needed a way to grow with data security top of mind.

“We were expanding the Arklign platform to thousands of dental practices and realized we needed to help them manage patient security when placing orders,” said Ray Alde, Arklign Chief Technology Officer. “We understood some of the basic security requirements that were needed, but Ostendio helped us see the bigger data security picture and how it could be applied to our company.”

The Solution

Sought and found: a partner to help establish and maintain and always-on, always-auditable SOC 2 security program

When Arklign discovered Ostendio they realized that Arklign was solving the pain points in their dental lab industry in the same way that Ostendio was solving the pain points in the data security and risk management industry. It was a perfect solution.

“When we realized that a customer was requesting a SOC 2 audit we knew we needed outside help. The Professional Services team at Ostendio helped us a lot! The upfront work we completed with them made the whole process easier as I was able to see what was required as they did it.”

- Ray Alde, Chief Technology Officer, Arklign

Arklign used the Ostendio Professional Services team to establish their security program with more than just IT controls. Ostendio Professional Services showed Arklign how to build a culture of security, using the Ostendio platform, including all employees in security training and outlining processes and documentation to support their SOC 2 audit. Soon, the Arklign team had scoped out their audit and had started documenting processes in preparation for their SOC 2.

“Ostendio helped me focus on what was important when building a data security and risk management program,” said Ray Alde, Arklign. “You have to size the security program to your company and control and track it. Ostendio added value by helping me scope out my program and I can see that over time it can scale with my growing business.”

The Result

Today: Attracting and retaining new Arklign customers without time-consuming security scrutiny hassles

Using Ostendio has helped Arklign attract and retain customers. “We don’t have to scramble to answer security questions.”

Arklign continues preparation for a SOC 2 audit and manages data in line with HIPAA regulations but more than that they have educated their employees, customers and vendors about the importance of data security and protecting patient information.

“After using Ostendio for 2 years it has really helped build a culture of security at Arklign.” said Ray Alde. “As we got deeper into SOC 2 preparation I finally had a moment when I realized that all the hard work we had done preparing policies and supporting documentation made sense. I was able to fill out 2 questionnaires from customers almost instantly using the documentation we had gathered and I thought - this is great!”

“I realized that I can implement IT controls all I want but that’s not enough. I needed to build a culture of security in the company so all employees realize that to be truly secure we need to follow processes and document them and provide evidence to support our work. Now we can measure our security and really know how we are doing.”

As Arklign’s commitment to security has grown they have in turn started to educate others about the importance of security. Arklign runs training sessions for its smaller dental practice customers to explain why using the Arklign software to work with the dental lab will help with meeting HIPAA regulations and also ensure a more accurate result for the product they provide to their customers.

“I heard that security was hard with so much work to do but Ostendio made it happen quickly. We were up and running in a couple of months with SOC 2 and HIPAA.”

I heard that security was hard with so much work to do but Ostendio made it happen quickly. We were up and running in a couple of months with SOC 2 and HIPAA.

Ray Headshot
Ray Alde, Chief Technology Officer, Arklign

About Arklign

Arklign is transforming the dental lab experience.

Arklign has transformed the way dental practices engage with dental labs. It has become a preferred end-to-end partner for dental service providers by connecting dental practices using their innovative software platform.

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