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Dina accelerates HITRUST audit timeline 2x faster

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Ross Lipenta

"With the Ostendio experience, we could right-size the entire project. We worked well together to ensure we were executing our project plan on time, completing policies and procedure documentation, getting it in front of our auditor, and closing our tech gap."

- Ross Lipenta, Senior Vice President of Technology

The Challenge: Bolster Commitment to Data Security and Complete HITRUST Audit

Bolster Commitment to Data Security

With a strong data security program already in place (NIST framework), Dina set their goal to bolster its commitment to data security and complete a HITRUST audit.

Meet HITRUST Requirements

Dina recognized the need to augment their internal expertise to right-size their policy and procedure documentation and meet the requirements of HITRUST CSF in an accelerated time frame.

Sought Partner to Accelerate Timelines

 Dina sought a strong partner to ensure they could meet the intent of the security controls and demonstrate evidence during the audit. 

How Dina Accelerated HITRUST Timeline with Ostendio:


Manage & Streamline Internal Security Processes

Ostendio platform drove internal processes for acknowledging policy and procedures, establishing recurring audit tasks, organizing and manage vendor relationships, and collecting evidence to support audit tasks. 


Guarantee HITRUST Success

Dina met accelerated time frame for HITRUST Audit Readiness by leveraging Ostendio’s Audit Guarantee (which guarantees that organizations will pass their audit the first time or have it remedied at no additional cost).


Scale Security Compliance Program to Growth

Ostendio provided the foundation for Dina to scale its processes, consistently measure the maturity of its security program and demonstrate it to stakeholders and customers.

Don't take our word for it. Hear directly from Dina:

Hear what Dina's CEO, Ashish Shah, and Senior VP of Technology, Ross Lipenta, had to say about Ostendio's platform, Professional Services, and Audit Guarantee.

Dina Demonstrates "Serious Security" Approach with Ostendio


Ostendio's HITRUST Expertise Helps Accelerate Dina's Audit Timelines


Ostendio Proves to Be Right Fit For Dina's Technical Needs



How Ostendio's HITRUST experience drove the partnership

"We needed the strong experience that the Ostendio team provided to help us with that part of the process,” said Lipenta. “We also needed Ostendio’s help to right-size our technical gap closure. We view this as an ongoing commitment to our customers and the people they are servicing.” 


How Ostendio's platform helped set the foundation for Dina's HITRUST journey

“The onboarding stage was very successful. We were supported from day one by a dedicated implementation person,” said Lipenta. “We are benefiting from the Ostendio platform driving our internal processes with regards to ongoing audit tasks, and collecting evidence to support audit tasks.”


How Ostendio compiled a well-designed audit project plan to keep Dina on task and on schedule

“With the Ostendio experience, we could right- size the entire project,” said Lipenta. “We could stay focused on the Dina side, which was key, and the advantage of having a strong partner on the Ostendio side was what really ultimately helped us accomplish our goal. We worked well together to ensure we were executing our project plan on time, completing policies and procedure documentation, getting it in front of our auditor, and closing our tech gaps.”


How Ostendio’s Audit Guarantee made it easier for Dina to trust the process  

“It [Audit Guarantee] made it feel that they [Ostendio] were standing behind us and our goal of being successful with HITRUST,” said Lipenta


How Dina leveraged the Ostendio platform and professional services to drive success

“The services from Ostendio were top-notch, the people we had access to were very knowledgeable, they understood the process, understood the nuances, and complications of addressing policies and procedures, and making sure you had strong evidence for validated assessment,” said Lipenta. “Each team member had their own area of expertise which was fantastic. They were knowledgeable people who were very good at working with us collaboratively through the process.”


Dina's recommendations for organizations looking to pass a HITRUST audit

“Don’t go at it alone,” says Lipenta.  “HITRUST is a complicated journey and you need someone with prior experience to help guide you so you don’t fall into a situation where you are overthinking, or lose faith that you can do it. Having a strong relationship with a partner who can give you guidance is key.”

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