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SOC 2 With Ostendio

Empower Your People
to Champion Your SOC 2

Serious security professionals focus on security, not just compliance.
And when you focus on real security with Ostendio, you’re always audit-ready.


Real Security.
Real SOC 2 Readiness.

Ostendio gives your people the unprecedented power of dimensional security backed by the only people-first, technology driven security platform. With layers of protection to provide critical support for your unique risk domains, you can confidently prepare for, and pass, your SOC 2 audit.

The Only SOC 2 Solution for Serious Security Professionals


Repeatable evidence use with Ostendio's GRC tool

Save time with repeatable evidence workflows

Crosswalk between 250 frameworks with Ostendio's GRC tool

Crosswalk evidence between 250 security frameworks

Collaborate in app with Ostendio

Collaborate with auditors without leaving the platform

Continuous data security monitoring with Ostendio's GRC platform

Stay secure with continuous monitoring

Vendor Risk Management | Ostendio

Easily assess and manage vendor risk

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Secure your growth with SOC Compliance

 Learn how to build a real security program beyond compliance.
Talk with an Ostendio security expert today.