About Us

Our mission is to make Security, Risk Management and Compliance simple and affordable to any company regardless of its size.


We have helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of users build, operate and showcase their security and risk management programs.


Our Story


Ostendio was formed to solve one of the key challenges I encountered in my previous role as the COO and CISO of a successful healthcare IT company––to persuade larger organizations to take a chance on working with smaller, more innovative technology companies, and trust them to reliably protect their sensitive data.

The Ostendio MyVCM platform was created to help solve that problem by allowing companies to easily develop an effective security and compliance program and give them a simple way to demonstrate this to their customers.

- Grant Elliott, Ostendio CEO and Founder

Pictured left to right: Ostendio Founders, Vidit Mittal, Jermaine Jones and Grant Elliott


Meet Our Team

  • clip-group-7

    Arzu Akay

    Senior Data Product Manager
  • clip-group-13

    Asif Aleem

    UI Developer
  • Shivshankar Allada Principal DBA

    Shivshankar Allada

    Principal DBA
  • clip-group-14

    Marc Bandini

    President and COO
  • charlie beale

    Charlie Beale

    Senior Sales Executive
  • yehuda thumbnail

    Yehuda Cagen

    Senior Director of Marketing
  • clip-group-6

    Nathalie Cordero

    Project Coordination and Office Management
  • Stephanie Curtin thumbnail

    Stephanie Curtin

    Director of Customer Success
  • clip-group-10

    Grant Elliott

    CEO and Chairman
  • clip-group-22

    Miranda (Duff) Elliott

    Marketing & PR
  • Ebony Jones thumbnail

    Ebony Jones

    Director, HR and Talent
  • clip-group-11

    Jermaine Jones

    Snr. Solution Consultant
  • clip-group-15

    Neeraj Kumar

    Software Development Team Lead
  • clip-group-30

    Yogesh Kumar

    Snr. Software Developer
  • clip-group-28

    Suman Lata

    Senior Software Developer
  • clip-group-26

    Brian Lemen

    Senior Product Designer
  • clip-group-24

    Kristian Marquez

  • clip-group-32

    Connor Massei

    Senior Customer Success Specialist
  • clip-group-31

    Andre McCallum

    Senior Training Manager
  • clip-group

    Vidit Mittal

    Chief Technology Officer
  • clip-group-27

    Michelle Moreno

    Director, Professional Services and Information Security Officer
  • clip-group-25

    Anindita Mukherjee

    Software Development Manager
  • clip-group-9

    Mackenzie Nelson

    Customer Success Specialist
  • clip-group-4-1

    Robb Nielsen

    Senior Sales Executive
  • clip-group-18

    Ravi Pandey

    QA Analyst
  • clip-group-17

    Chris Prince

    Product Manager
  • Morgan Ryan thumbnail

    Morgan Ryan

    Senior Customer Success Manager
  • clip-group-2-1

    Sheshnath Sahani

    Software Developer
  • clip-group-3

    Ankur Shukla

    Senior Developer
  • clip-group-21

    Brian Stover

    Senior Sales Executive
  • clip-group-29

    Nick Thomas

    Senior Sales Executive
  • clip-group-23

    Chanda Tripathy

    Senior Developer
  • clip-group-20

    Isha Tyagi

    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • clip-group-16

    Tabassum Usmani

    Quality Assurance Lead
  • clip-group-5

    Lee Weiner

    General Counsel
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Giving Back & Pledge 1%


At Ostendio we have a deep commitment to the concept that everyone deserves to have access to excellent and affordable healthcare, independent of where they live or how much they can afford.

Our corporate mission is to ensure that innovative ideas and concepts do not fail simply because of an inability to navigate critical security or regulatory obligations.

As such Ostendio has joined Pledge 1% where we commit to give 1% of our product, profit, time and equity to causes that meet this commitment.

In addition to direct donations, we provide the Ostendio MyVCM platform at a reduced price to qualifying non-profits and give our employees paid time off to volunteer.

Contact us at info@ostendio.com for more information.


Board of Directors

  • clip-group-36

    Grant Elliott

    President and CEO, Ostendio
  • clip-group-33

    Mike Denning

    Principal, Blu Venture Investors
  • clip-group-34

    Sean Dowling

    Partner at Osage Venture Partners
  • clip-group-35

    Jean Foster

    Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications at CTA
  • Ken Walters B&W thumbnail

    Ken Walters

    Advisory Board Member, Fulcrum Equity Partners