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Security Compliance is Broken 

Here's how we fix it. A new security & compliance manifesto for efficient, ethical, and secure compliance.

The Serious Security Manifesto

The purpose of security compliance was simple. Develop a security program and demonstrate security posture by undertaking frameworks such as SOC 2, HITRUST, and ISO 27001.  

Years later and the integrity of these standards is being compromised. Market pressure to reduce the cost and complexity of such audits has increased. Organizations promoting 2-week audits and claiming full automation of the auditing process have eroded trust.  

The system is broken. Together, we’re going to fix it.


Security and compliance should center around people. 

Let's advance a new era of security fundamental to organizational growth that empowers people across companies to play an essential role in managing risk to multiply success.


 Traditional GRC tools can't scale with modern threats.

Since 85% of security breaches come as a result of human errors, standard GRC platforms should not be limited to a select number of employees or inflexible to scale to new or updated frameworks. 


Leadership should be aligned on Security & Compliance.  

C-level executives and board members will increasingly be held accountable for data security practices. Know how to leverage the return on your security and compliance investment.


 A credible security audit can't be completed in 2 weeks

Pricing pressure has led to an alarming rise in hyper-accelerated audit timeliness that sacrifice quality for quantity and provide a false sense of security. 


GRC integrations should serve a purpose.

Everyone likes the idea of making a complex task simple. But GRC integrations should enable cybersecurity leaders to identify non-compliance and take action when it matters. 

EVERYONE wants to be secure. Security  is fundamental to a better society and improves our lives. But serious security professionals understand the daily challenges organizations face. From increasing external threats to complex organizational issues. They understand that more than 80% of security breaches are caused by  human error. So, they’re forced to chase down colleagues to train them and oversee where, how, and which technologies they use. Only to scramble multiple times each year to gather all that evidence and demonstrate its effectiveness to auditors. Automation technologies offer some relief, but auditors warn that most provide a false sense of security while leaving companies exposed to threats. Ostendio is the only people-first security, compliance and risk management platform built to secure your people, not just your systems. Sure, you’ll save 80+% time on audit prep. But more importantly, your entire organization will be SECURE.

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