Ostendio Professional Services is a team of industry experts who are ready to help customers as they implement their security programs. Engaging our Professional Services team is the perfect solution to supplementing your organization’s compliance team when you are setting up your security program for the first time or preparing for an audit. divider
  • group-6 MyVCM Information Security Framework

    Ostendio’s proprietary framework, based on leading Industry Standards and Best Practices, is a 5 Stage Process, designed to guide organizations through developing and implementing a robust and comprehensive cybersecurity and risk management process. Clients completing the process have a comprehensive framework to manage their information security and risk and will be ready for a risk assessment or audit by a client or regulator. Ostendio Consultants can take you through the entire process or through individual stages.

  • group-6 Risk Assessments

    Conducting regular risk assessments is a critical part of an effective cyber security and risk management process. Identifying areas of vulnerability and implementing a plan to address those vulnerabilities will prevent an organization from being caught off guard. Ostendio offers Business Impact Assessments (BIA), Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) and comprehensive Risk Assessments.

  • group-6 Security Training

    Strong security begins with people. Ensure key staff are trained on security policies and procedures. We provide Information Security Training as well as training on key Standards and Regulations.

  • group-6 HITRUST Planning

    Does your client require you to be HITRUST certified? Working with our Partners who are approved HITRUST External Assessors, Ostendio will guide you on how to leverage the MyVCM platform in preparation for a HITRUST assessment, ensuring you have all the evidence and audit logs that HITRUST requires.

How Ostendio Professional Services can help your business


Onboarding and continuous services

This Professional Services support is included with MyVCM Premium and Enterprise accounts. It includes help to:

  • • Fully understand your unique environment and requirements before we start working together
  • • Provide your organization with customized implementation and deployment plans for your business needs
  • • Implement *Knowbe4 planning, configuration and training deployment

Certification Programs

An Ostendio Professional Services engagement is ideal for customers looking for support to implement a security program in alignment with specific frameworks and certifications. Featuring a committed team of experts, Ostendio will deliver a premium experience and extensive support to drive your business success. This will include:

  • • Dedicated Security Analyst, Project Manager and Customer Success Manager as your contacts to help support you through this initiative
  • • SOC 2, HITRUST, HIPAA readiness and preparation designed and implemented on the Ostendio MyVCM platform
  • • Gap assessment and maturity analysis of your business security program
  • • Ostendio MyVCM configuration expertise to ensure that you are audit ready when you complete your assessment

Extended Services

Ostendio Professional Services provides extended services with premium support, to ensure an efficient, sustainable and mature business cybersecurity program. We can provide:

  • • Penetration testing (Red Team/ Blue Team) to ensure the business systems are secure inside and out.
  • • Formalized risk assessments by industry leading experts.
  • • Technical experts to assist with system design and planning.

Consulting Services

Ostendio Consulting Services is an ongoing resource you can utilize at any point as an Ostendio MyVCM customer. Our strategic and technical consultants will work closely with you to accelerate ROI and deliver an improved customer experience. With expertise in cloud-security, Ostendio Professional Services offers extensive planning, design, as well as custom deployment and integration automation to ensure your security program is evolving with your business needs.


Why do organizations bring in Professional Services help?

There are many reasons why bringing in experts to help your organization makes sense but here are the top 5 reasons why you should get extra professional help:

Incremental support

When your IT team is already busy bringing in a Professional Services team can speed up the audit process by assisting your team or even driving the audit process for you.

Resources that understand the platform
you are using and the Ostendio MyVCM approach

Ostendio has developed a tried and trusted approach to preparing for and passing an audit. By using a team of professionals who understand the platform and how to optimize it for a complex audit, you will save time and money.

Experts who understand multiple security frameworks

It is becoming more common for companies to undertake audits to more than one security framework. By using a Professional Services team they will be able to show you which frameworks are most relevant to your business, and how much extra work is involved in order to handle multiple frameworks.

Experts who have relationships with
audit partners and experience working with them

Good relationships, understanding and teamwork are essential when undergoing a complex audit. Ostendio Professional Services team has worked successfully with multiple audit firms and can help you with your selection process. Even though the audit criteria might be the same, every auditor approaches it in their own unique way. We have incorporated our audit partners proprietary templates into Ostendio MyVCM and are already familiar with them.

Audits are not one and done

Most audits like HITRUST and SOC2 require you to collect on-going evidence to maintain certification. Ostendio’s Professional Services resources will work with you to ensure you are collecting this evidence as part of your core process so that when you are ready to conduct your next audit it is much easier to complete than the first time.


What do our customers say?

"We are a "growing teenage startup" that has to make the transition into a larger and more organized company. SOC2 Type 2 is our goal, but honestly we wouldn't have known how to really get going. Ostendio's professional services have thus far exceeded expectations, the advice they've provided coupled with the real work they've done has 100% enabled us to start this journey with a good probability of success."

- Kim H., CTO.

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