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Platform Integrations

Synchronize everyone’s activities with the systems you love.

Secure your entire ecosystem by connecting activities, tasks and workflows with an Open API in the Ostendio platform.

Platform Integrations

Customized APIs to enhance your unique tech stack

Secure your entire ecosystem by connecting activities, tasks and workflows with an Open API in the Ostendio platform.

A Higher Level of Integration

Integrations that do little more than mirror your production environment provide a false sense of security - leaving bad data simply replicated without review.

Ostendio Solution

Ostendio Integrations focus on tracking changes and remediating discrepancies between the "what is" and "what should be" to ensure the environment is operating correctly, changes are authorized, and discrepancies are highlighted and remediated, with all actions tracked and verifiable at audit.

Identity Providers

Identity and Access Management

Automatically sync your Ostendio instance with multiple third-party Identity and Access Management platforms. Ostendio supports SCIM to auto provision or de-provision a user between the application and IdP.

Ticket and Task Management

Enable one-way and/or two-way API access to multiple third-party ticket management platforms, allowing you to receive events as they happen. Enable subscriptions to receive notifications about ticketing events, and update your compliance in real time as tickets are being created or updated.

Ticket and Task Management-1

Onstedio Integrations (3)

Asset Management & Inventory Tracking

Connect with third-party asset management and tracking solutions to sync your hardware and software assets within Ostendio MyVCM.

Communication and Collaboration

Sync Ostendio communications and alerts with compatible third-party messaging and collaboration platforms to continuously monitor compliance.


Document Management

The Ostendio platform operates as a fully autonomous Document Management System, but you can also track and access documents from your favorite document hosting services.

cloud management (4)

Cloud Service Providers

Ostendio integrates with some of the most widely used cloud providers in the market to collect and compare information about the asset and help generate actionable tasks in case of discrepancies.


Security Training

Pull in KnowBe4 training results with the Ostendio platform to automatically update user compliance checklists. Track KnowBe4 training results, including specific compliance-related training, and send recurring notifications to remind your people of pending courses.

Human Resources

Sync critical employee data with multiple third-party HR and payroll systems.

HR Integrations

Secure Your Advantage.

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Secure Your Ecosystem.

With a secure Open API architecture, it's easy to track and access data from your most-used third party apps and tools in one secure location. Contact us today to get started.