Integrations include:


Authentication & SSO

Automatically sync your Ostendio MyVCM instance with multiple third-party Authentication and SSO platforms.

Authentication and SSO

Identity and Access Management

Automatically sync your Ostendio MyVCM instance with multiple third-party Identity and Access Management platforms.


Ticket and Task Management

Enable one-way and/or two-way API access to multiple third-party ticket management platforms.

Ticket and Task Management

Asset Management & Inventory Tracking

Connect with third-party asset management and tracking solutions to sync your hardware and software assets within Ostendio MyVCM.

Communication and Collaboration

Sync Ostendio MyVCM communications and alerts with compatible third-party communication and collaboration platforms.
communication and collaboration (2)

Cloud Management

Sync with your cloud provider's alert management capabilities to review and act-upon platform alerts and notifications.

cloud management (4)

Training and Learning Management

Streamline the login process for your training content provider.


Document Management

The Ostendio MyVCM platform operates as a fully autonomous  Document Management System.  But it also allows for documents to be tracked and accessed from various third-party document hosting services.



Human Resources

Sync critical employee data with multiple third-party HR and payroll systems.

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Don't see an integration you need?

At Ostendio we are always looking to add more feature/functionality to our award winning platform. If there is an integration you or your company needs, please reach out and let us know. Contact our Customer Success team ( and we will be happy to talk about how to make this happen. 
The Ostendio MyVCM platform has been built on a secure open API architecture and we would also be happy to talk to you about how you could use our custom APIs. 

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