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Platform Integrations

Synchronize everyone’s activities with the systems you love.

Secure your entire ecosystem by connecting activities, tasks and workflows with an Open API in the Ostendio platform.

Meaningful Platform Integrations

Meaningful. Actionable. Secure.

Bridge evidence gaps and reduce risk with meaningful integrations that alert you to potential vulnerabilities, and give you the power to take action when it matters.

How Ostendio Integrations Drive Business Goals

Align your tech stack integrations with business goals to enhance decision-making, take immediate action on non-compliant items, and accelerate compliance timelines - without compromising security. 

GRC Integration Use Cases

Meaningful Integrations

Ostendio integrations empower you to go beyond surface-level compliance
by allowing you to resolve security issues and address vulnerabilities within your ecosystem.

Not just a data snapshot.

Ostendio integrations have been architected to be actionable, beyond providing a dynamic screenshot.

Rather than working in a rigid environment that pulls in data without purpose, Ostendio let's you take action with data.

  • Two-Way Ticket Synchronization
    Sync tickets bidirectionally to ensure both systems have the same information in real-time.

  • Analyze Richer Data
    Pull in detailed data and make more informed decisions about your risk management.

  • Get Better Data Context
    Understand deeper context and easily adjust questions and data as your program matures.

More API & Integration Resources

Security and Compliance Integrations

Meaningful Integrations

Auditors want to know the actions taken 'behind the checkmark'. Why every platform integration must align with a business goal.

Meaningful GRC Integrations

Purposeful Integrations vs. 'Snapshot' Integrations

How organizations can make more informed choices about data imported into their security and compliance programs.

Open API

Not all APIs are created equally

Ostendio APIs are architected to be actionable, to ensure your platform integrations are always purposeful, flexible, and secure. 

Secure Your Ecosystem.

With purposeful integrations, it's easy to manage data from your most-used third party apps and tools in one secure location. Let's connect to explore how actionable integrations can make a difference to your cybersecurity program.