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Ostendio Partner Program

Increase sales and elevate your profile with the most advanced security and risk management partner program.

Unlock Higher Recurring Revenue with Ostendio 

Partner with Ostendio to unlock new recurring revenue, rise above the competition, and increase organizational valuation.  


Why Partner with Ostendio

Ostendio is the leading governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform for managed IT and cloud security service providers.

Operationalize your clients’ security programs to validate investments across the security tech stack, providing industry-leading margins, ‘stickier’ clients, and easy collaboration for MSSPs, auditors, and client interactions.

Unlock New Revenue

Unlock New

Partnering with Ostendio to deliver security & compliance yields higher margins, more monthly recurring revenue than standard IT offerings, and higher organizational evaluation.


Increase Client Retention and Stickiness

Increase Client Retention and “Stickiness”

Your clients' needs are evolving, shouldn't your service offerings? Ostendio helps service providers rapidly scale from standard onsite IT offerings to security & compliance.

Eliminate Clients' Risk of Failing Security Audit

Eliminate Clients’ Risk of Failing Security Audits

The costs of failing an audit far outweigh the cost of managing an effective security program. Ensure audit success with Ostendio.

Ditch Spreadsheets, Emails and Manual Effort

Ditch Spreadsheets, Emails, and Manual Effort

Reduce labor costs by replacing tedious spreadsheets, portals and emails with an all-in-one platform that alleviates the complexity of managing hundreds of client audits.

Support 200+ Security and Compliance Standards

Support 300+ Security Compliance Standards

Manage hundreds of clients on a single platform that crosswalks across 200+ security frameworks.  

Save Clients Up to 80% on Audit Prep Time

Save Clients Up to 80% on Audit Prep Time

With Ostendio, your clients are always audit-ready.  Automate security compliance workflows and reassign completed audit tasks to eliminate audit prep redundancy.

Sync Client Activities in Real-Time To Deliver Proactive Security

Purposeful Integrations. Integrate client data from your tech stack to proactively identify and manage risks with a full audit trail. 


Don't take our word for it.
Hear directly from our partners.

Hear how Ostendio enables our partners to unlock new revenue and increase client retention by delivering security program efficiency. 

The Driving Force Behind Sourcepass' Security & Compliance Solution

Ostendio Helps BlueSteel Cybersecurity Organize and Scale Client Security Programs

Driving Force Behind Security Compliance Solutions

Ostendio as the Driving Force Behind MSPs' Security & Compliance Solutions

"Ostendio is one of our core products that we bundle for our advanced cybersecurity and compliance solutions"


Michael Lareau
VP, Solution Engineering, Sourcepass

Centralize Security

How Ostendio helps MSPs Centralize Data Management Across the Cloud and Third Parties

"The benefits of having a platform that centralizes all those aspects of data capture management, being able to interact with third parties in order to evaluate their security posture is crucial"

Ali Allage
CEO, BlueSteel Cybersecurity

Managing the Compliance Journey

How Ostendio Helps MSPs Manage the Compliance Journey - from Start to the Finish Line

"With all the different compliance rules and regulations, really tracking that to help drive that process from the ground up from day one…to meet HIPAA compliance or I need to meet CMMC or PCI compliance.

And not only ‘where do I start?’, but ‘where's the finish line?’, and ‘what does the journey look like in getting from the beginning to the finish line?"


Michael Lareau
VP, Solution Engineering, Sourcepass



Organize & Scale Security Compliance

How Ostendio Helps MSSPs Organize and Scale Client Security Compliance Programs

"We work with organizations that have quite frankly nothing in place. So when you start from there and you introduce this platform, it's the ability to apply compliance measures - like SOC 2, ISO 27001. You have so many swim lanes to capture. We use the platform heavily to simplify and centralize information as a source of truth and start from there and it just makes everything a lot easier."


Ali Allage
CEO, BlueSteel Cybersecurity

Complexity of Compliance

How Ostendio Simplifies the Complexity of Delivering Security & Compliance for MSPs

"Yes, [the compliance process] is complex, but then having a platform like Ostendio to keep you on track through that lifecycle, I think is, is vastly important. Sourcepass sees some of the biggest benefits of the Ostendio platform. It's all encompassing.  It helps us go through that journey from beginning to end."


Michael Lareau
VP, Solution Engineering, Sourcepass



Eliminate Audit Prep Redundancy

How Ostendio Eliminates Audit Prep Redundancy for MSSPs

"What we'll do is we'll say, 'Based on the controls that we already have, let's grab certain aspects of access control principles. There's a lot of overlap that we're trying to apply and then add additional controls that we feel are relevant for the framework to be successful and capture it.'  You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you add something new."

Ali Allage
CEO, BlueSteel Cybersecurity

Run a QBR your clients will look forward to!

Wow your clients - from client onboarding to regular business reviews - with a QBR (Quarterly Business Review) template for security & compliance that your clients will look forward to! 

QBR Template for MSPs
“I evaluated probably 10 different products but I found that there are a lot of tools out there that look like Cadillacs but are not that useful. Ostendio helps us gather information and crosswalk to as many frameworks easier and faster. It allows for a cleaner and more value-driven assessment for our clients.”

Ostendio is one of our core products that we bundle for our advanced cybersecurity and compliance solutions. Sourcepass sees some of the biggest benefits of the Ostendio platform. It's all encompassing.  It helps us go through that journey from beginning to end.

Marc Johnson, Impact Advisors Michael Lereau VP, Solution Engineering at Sourcepass
Marc Johnson, CISO at Impact Advisors
Michael Lareau, VP, Solution Engineering at Sourcepass
BlueSteel Cybersecurity
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Frequent Partner Questions

Providing the answers to help you transition from standard onsite IT to security and compliance offerings. 

Is Ostendio the right fit if we already manage client security programs with spreadsheets?
In our experience, partners that manage client security programs with Ostendio save between 50% - 84% time spent on client audit preparation over using spreadsheets, emails, portals, and other manual efforts.
Can Ostendio help us automate evidence collection for our clients?
Ostendio automates workflows for operationalizing the most difficult part of security - the human element. Plus, our integrations let you take action with data that goes beyond providing a purposeless screenshot.
Do we need Ostendio if we are already using a GRC solution?
85% of security breaches come as a result of human error.  This means that GRC platforms that are limited to a select number of employees only protect 10-15% of threats and are inflexible to scaling to new frameworks.

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