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vCISO Services

Manage your security compliance program for a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.

Never fall behind on your security compliance and free up critical resources to focus on critical security tasks.

Why add more staff to your payroll? Partner with Ostendio’s Virtual Compliance team to track and manage all your security  policies and training - while fostering a more secure organization.

With Ostendio's vCISO Services, you can:

  • Operationalize your information security program across your organizational processes.

  • Ensure your employees complete required tasks on time, including training, policy &  procedure reviews, and more.

  • Track and manage progress with regular monthly meetings with your security and CIRT teams.

  • Scale your security program for future audits by verifying and recording evidence of compliance directly within the Ostendio platform.
Everyone Secure.
Let's do this.