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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Build a fool-proof business continuity plan your people will actually look forward to.

Secure your people, not just your systems. From power outages to global health crises, people-first business continuity gives everyone the confidence to take on any event and keep operations running smoothly.

Ostendio Professional Services will:

  • Work with you to conduct a business impact and criticality analysis

  • Document and deploy continuity and disaster recovery plans in the Ostendio platform

  • Identify the critical backups, redundancy measures and business operations to include in your plan that will lead to minimal disruption

  • Roll out people-first business continuity and training for everyone.

  • Engage in a fun realistic tabletop exercise to test custom scenarios that encompasses your whole plan, so you're ready for primetime.
Create a business continuity plan that empowers your people.