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Risk Management: What does it Mean to your 2019 Security Strategy?

For CISOs, data risk is like a fire underfoot. Data’s very fluidity and its constant generation makes a complete lockdown impossible - no matter...

Why Integrated Risk Management is Becoming the Preferred Approach to Data Security

There’s an inherent risk to doing business, particularly business that touches personal data. For years now, the business community – from healthcare...

Are you Managing your Vendor Risk?

It’s not uncommon today for businesses to outsource certain services to third-parties. However, with outsourcing, the risks of the service...

Should you Integrate your GRC Platform with your Back-End Systems?

One of the key objectives when developing an effective security and compliance management program is to remain interdependent of core systems.  While...

Zenefits is Just the tip of the Iceberg – 4 Reasons Why

The digital health market was rocked by the recent announcement that HR services darling Zenefits has gone from ‘rock star’ to a symbol of Silicon...

You Took an Online Risk Assessment!

THINK YOU ARE COMPLIANT? THINK AGAIN! A key first step in being compliant with most security regulations, including HIPAA, is the completion of an...