MyVCM Auditor Connect

How MyVCM Auditor Connect Helps

Secure Online Marketplace 1@2x

Secure Online Marketplace

Compare qualified, vetted audit firms and price out services for key security audits such as SOC 2. The audit firms in the marketplace provide transparency into details of their services and their pricing. Engagements are integrated into Ostendio’s MyVCM Integrated Risk Management platform.

Customized Quotes@2x

Customized Quotes

Companies in need of security audits can tailor their required needs by over 300 data points. This allows audit firms to tailor proposals specifically to client needs. Customers can be confident that they are partnering with the right firm for their requirements without paying for services. And audit firms can provide competitive quotes while saving time and money on engaging new clients.

Collaborative and Efficient Copy@2x

Collaborative and Efficient Audits

MyVCM Auditor Connect brings the auditor and customer together on one platform where they can share real-time evidence in a secure location. Evidence is always available, easy to update and optimized for collaboration. Customers being audited can track progress in real time.  This increased collaboration and efficiency can save both auditors and customers up to 50 percent in time and cost.


Want To Be a Part of MyVCM Auditor Connect?

Ostendio MyVCM Premier customers are automatically eligible to participate in MyVCM Auditor Connect. We are also engaging additional audit partners to be a part of our Premier Partner Program. Please let us know if you would like to learn about the program and its benefits. 

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