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Ostendio Partner Program

Increase sales and elevate your profile with the most advanced security and risk management partner program.

Trusted by Auditors

Grow your auditing practice and career by completing Ostendio security & compliance certifications.  

Join the auditors who collaborate with customers and track evidence collection progress in real-time to save more than 50% in time and cost.

Authorized Ostendio Auditor3

Authorized Ostendio Auditor

This certification training enables auditors to gain visibility, accuracy, and direct data connection to collaborate with customers and perform more efficient audits in a fraction of the time.

Why Get Ostendio-Certified

Get Educated

Grow Your Skills

 Rapidly scale to security and compliance by increasing the maturity of client security programs and guarantee they pass their next security audit.

Grow & Scale Your Business2

Grow Your Business

Add credibility to your corporate website and LinkedIn profile by demonstrating your security & compliance expertise to gain the trust of future clients and partners.


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Explore our global community of managed service providers (MSPs) who can build and manage your security and compliance program using Ostendio.

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