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Today we announced an exciting new addition to the Ostendio MyVCM platform - MyVCM Auditor Connect. You can read the press release here, but I thought it made sense to share some more context and insight here on our blog.  My VCM Auditor Connect is something we have been working on for several years and is a major step forward in our vision of creating a new paradigm for security audits. 

What do I mean, exactly?  We all know - either firsthand or from customers - what a pain the audit process can be. You have to get boardroom approval, buy-in from a large part of your organization, and find an audit firm you can trust. Then there is the whole audit process itself to get through.  That’s why we are launching MyVCM Auditor Connect - to make the whole experience a lot less painful and more efficient.

Sure, there’s still a lot of actual work to be done in any audit process, but this way it becomes more transparent, faster, and easier to handle, giving your organization more value for its money. It is a win-win for auditor firms and the company undergoing the audit.

So what’s different? 

In the past it could be hard to find an auditor you could trust or one that had the experience you needed.  By using MyVCM Auditor Connect you can find a range of auditors who come with recommendations and the experience you are looking for. You can configure your audit needs in a detailed fashion, which makes sure the prospective audit firms understand your needs and price their services appropriately. This will reduce your costs because you only pay for the services you need.

Once you have engaged an auditor you will find working together a much simpler process using MyVCM.  All documents and evidence can be viewed, edited, and collaborated on in real-time. No need to manage static off-line spreadsheets that can take months to be reviewed when you can load data to MyVCM and have a real-time discussion with your audit firm making sure you are audit-ready.

This is a significant step forward in using online marketplaces to connect auditors and customers. Once they are working together MyVCM will simplify the audit process allowing for better communication and less time spent on the actual audit process - giving customers time back to focus on their business.

Completing an audit can seem like a daunting task but the benefits to your business can be significant. Not only will it help you protect your business from harmful cyber-attacks and data breaches, but they also help you stand out from your competition. Completing security audits shows the industry, your employees, and partners that you are serious about security.

Learn more about MyVCM Auditor Connect here.  We also invite you to watch a free, on-demand webinar where we analyze how security audits are evolving and map out a path forward that benefits auditors and their customers alike. 

We are ready to talk security anytime, feel free to contact an Ostendio expert and we will be happy to help you no matter where you are on your security journey.

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Grant Elliott
Post by Grant Elliott
November 5, 2019