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2019 was an incredible year of growth for Ostendio.  We continue to ramp up our business while working hard every day to deliver on our promises to customers. We are excited by all the change in the industry around us, and our team is constantly challenging itself to influence that change with ground-breaking new products and capabilities.  

I believe in celebrating the successes of our team and the growth of our industry, so I wanted to share my top highlights for Ostendio in 2019:

  1. We’ve seen incredible growth in the use of the MyVCM platform.  During 2019 our customers conducted more actions on the MyVCM platform than all previous years combined.  Customers conducted almost half a million tasks which include: publishing documents, completing training modules, submitting evidence; or completing an assessment. This activity on the platform equates to more this year than all previous years combined.  In fact, the overall platform usage has increased 20% in the first three quarters of 2019 compared to 2018.
  2. We launched MyVCM CrossWalk Assessments - to simplify the process for businesses who wish to perform compliance audits to over 100 standards globally. If you are working to multiple standards this will save your company time and money by using the information/evidence you have entered for one standard, and crosswalk that information to see where it can be used in another compliance standard.
  3. Support for the SP-CMM. We integrated the Security & Privacy Capability Maturity Model from Secure Controls Framework, directly into MyVCM. The SP-CMM provides organizations with an objective and comprehensive analysis of their controls maturity, as well as a path forward to greater maturity targets. MyVCM shows companies where they stand relative to the criteria of the SP-CMM, and how they are changing over time.
  4. We launched MyVCM Auditor Connect - a new marketplace that makes it simpler for customers to select and work with third party security and risk management audit firms. This recently launched feature is ground-breaking in the security audit field.  Auditors and customers can come together and discuss working together with more precise numbers around audit costs and times.
  5. MyVCM Premium service became the most popular product with customers this year.  The key features that customers appreciate the most are Crosswalk Assessments and SmartTags, Auditor Connect and premium policy and training content.
  6. Sempre Health was named the annual MyVCM Trust Network Award for 2019. Jermaine Jones, Ostendio COO, and I visited them in person to present their award.  We also announced monthly winners in gold, silver and bronze categories who continue to rate the highest in their compliance program activity, and in their overall compliance score, across the entire MyVCM Trust Network. They demonstrate leadership and best practices in managing security and compliance. Special mentions go to physIQ and Accessible Solutions who have consistently ranked in the top 3 each month this year.
  7. Giving back with Pledge 1%. Ostendio has continued its history of giving back to the community in 2019 with it’s membership of Pledge 1%.  This year we were happy to increase our charitable giving by more than 30% over the previous year. We continued to support the work of the Mattie Miracle Foundation and, through our sponsorship of Loudoun Stampede, we also supported Team Mathias and The Max Cure Foundation. We volunteered as a team with Food for Others where we packed weekend food supply packages for children in our area. Ostendio continues to support La Clinica Del Pueblo and Arlington Free Clinic with use of the MyVCM platform which allows these medical clinics to manage documentation of key policies and procedures.
  8. Expanding the Ostendio team.  Our Ostendio team has grown, both in the US and in India.  Here in the US, we have added new members to our sales, customer success, product and marketing teams. And to fit our growing team we moved to a new, expanded office space in Arlington, VA with fantastic views of Washington D.C. 

We have partnered with some incredible companies this year and we are also thankful for our customers who put their trust in us to help with their security programs. Likewise, this journey would not be possible without a fantastic group of investors and we thank them for their continued support.  There’s so much more to come from Ostendio in 2020 and beyond, look out for my next blog post about my industry predictions for the start of the next decade. 

Ostendio offers a wide range of resources (for free) if you are interested in building your organization’s security program.  Check out our Resources Page for the HITRUST cheatsheet and the guide to SOC2 audits and see our Platform overview page for more information about how MyVCM could help your business with its security needs.