We’ve had an incredible year of growth at Ostendio and, as our company has grown, so has our blog readership.  At the end of every year, we revisit our most popular blog posts of the past 12 months to see which topics are resonating and trending with the readers.  

Across 2019 we blogged about SOC2, HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and other industry topics, with contributions from members of the Ostendio team and some of our partners and customers.  We’ve also blogged about product launches and news events and even grew our cybersecurity dictionary. 

So which topics were the most in demand?  Here are the 5 top blog posts for Ostendio of 2019. Read them all to catch up on what you might have missed!

1. How to Choose a SOC 2 auditor

Check out this blog to find out what questions you should ask when choosing an auditor for a SOC 2 audit.  Of course, many of the questions apply to auditors for other standards and regulations too. It’s one of the most influential decisions you will make in your audit process so read this blog to get it right first time.

2. Easing the pain of Security Audits

We feel your pain!  Getting ready for an audit and going through the audit process can be daunting and even seem like it will be painful.  But wait! If you plan and prepare properly ahead of time and if you use the right tools and get the right support it might not be that bad. Learn how to ease the pain of security audits by using MyVCM Auditor Connect, a groundbreaking new marketplace bringing companies and auditors together.

3. Lessons Learned from the Capital One Breach

If it feels like you constantly heard about data breaches this year that’s because it was the worst year on record so far with data breaches up 33% over 2018. It is estimated that the average cost of a data breach will be over $150 million by 2020.  One of the biggest ever was the Capital One breach in July this year when a hacker gained access to more than 100 million Capital One customers' accounts and credit card applications. There have been several other noteworthy breaches in the news this year including Equifax, AMCA which included Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp and the Marriott group.   We can learn valuable lessons from these breaches. Read the blog to find out more


In August this year we dived into HITRUST vs. HIPAA and looked at their differences. When working in healthcare cybersecurity both HITRUST and HIPAA are well-known but often confused with each other. In this blog we discuss “What is HITRUST?” and “If I”m HITRUST certified does that mean I’m HIPAA compliant too?” Check it out. 

5. Preparing for the CCPA? 6 steps to get you started

In the world of cybersecurity, data privacy and compliance our readers are always ready for more information on new legislation and regulation.  After GDPR was introduced in Europe, the US is following suit and the first state to launch a similar data privacy regulation is California. CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) will come into force on January 1, 2020. If your company hasn’t considered the implications of this legislation yet it needs to get busy! Read our 6 easy steps to get started. You can also brush up on your GDPR reading with our blog from 2018 that gives you 7 Tips for GDPR Prep.


And of course the best blog news was that we launched a new Ostendio web site in June this year with a fantastic new home for our blog, making it easy to find relevant articles. Is there something you’d like to read about that we’ve not covered? Feel free to contact Ostendio with your comments or suggestions at marketing@ostendio.com.


Post by Miranda Elliott, Marketing & PR
December 2, 2019