Enhance client collaboration, increase audit efficiency and scale your business with the Ostendio MyVCM platform.

- Save your clients up to 80% of time spent on audit preparation by operationalizing their security programs to comply with all major security frameworks.

- Scale audit efficiency and increase customer retention by applying data and evidence links across multiple security frameworks and future assessments. Ostendio MyVCM offers templates to over 100 frameworks.

- Leverage the MyVCM Auditor Connect marketplace to demonstrate your service offerings to Ostendio's broad customer base who may be looking to partner with an auditor.

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Value Added Resellers

Leverage Ostendio's MyVCM platform to build, create and implement robust security programs for your clients:

- Build your clients' security programs in a collaborative environment that empowers your clients to strengthen their overall security posture and pass any security audit.

-Operationalize your customers' security programs by leveraging MyVCM's "always-on" integrated risk management platform.

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Cloud Services

Solution Providers

Scale your reach and offer services built within the MyVCM platform. Ostendio partners with innovative cybersecurity and risk solutions ranging from privacy management and security awareness to training and documentation solutions to provide a suite of comprehensive solutions help organizations build time and cost-efficient security compliance programs.




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