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News Summary:

  • Strategic Partnership: Ostendio and Digacore have established a partnership to elevate compliance and risk management services for Digacore clients using Ostendio’s cutting-edge GRC platform.

  • Streamlined ProcessesBy integrating Ostendio’s platform, Digacore will transform compliance workflows, slashing the time clients spend on information security management by up to 50%.

  • Enhanced Client Experience: This collaboration empowers Digacore to tackle the complexities of fragmented security, simplifying the delivery of sophisticated cybersecurity programs while optimizing costs for clients.

BlueSteel Cyber is Ostendio Authorized Partner

Arlington, VA., [Month], [Day], 2024 - Ostendio Inc., a leading provider of compliance and security solutions, announced a partnership with Digacore, a forward-thinking MSP known for its commitment to service, knowledge, and fun. This collaboration enables Digacore to offer clients enhanced compliance and risk management services, leveraging Ostendio’s award-winning GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform to significantly reduce the time spent on information security management by up to 50%.

“Ensuring our clients’ security and compliance has always been a top priority for us,” said Abe Kramer, CEO at Digacore. “Our previous methods, though thorough, were inefficient and time-consuming. Partnering with Ostendio allows us to streamline these processes, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.”

Digacore Quote

Recognizing the need for a systematic process to optimize operational and security activities, Digacore sought a solution that could scale with clients and integrate with accepted security frameworks. The partnership with Ostendio addressed these needs by providing a centralized platform for managing security and compliance programs. Supported by world-class data-driven reporting and dashboard features, the Ostendio platform enabled businesses to speed up data management and decision-making processes, resulting in significant time savings.

Auditor_ConnectRead the full article at Digacore's website.

Post by Ostendio
July 1, 2024