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SystemDomain, Inc has enhanced its Cyber Security and Risk Management Product Portfolio by Partnering with Ostendio to Deliver Information Security Compliance

SystemDomain, Inc., a leading global information technology consulting services company, today announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with Ostendio, a provider of an award-winning cyber security platform for compliance and information management.

“SystemDomain now offers its customers a complete solution to make an enterprise more secure and protect business-critical data and applications by offering an industry-leading cyber security compliance and information management platform that delivers an easy to use, cost-effective way for companies to demonstrate information security compliance to multiple industry standards and regulations,” said Shubhi Garg, Managing Partner, SystemDomain, Inc. “This will enhance SystemDomain's product portfolio in our Cyber Security business unit".

“We’re excited to partner with SystemDomain as we focus our combined energies to serve a broader range of customers with industry-leading cyber security and risk management solutions”, said Grant Elliott, Ostendio President and CEO. “Ostendio will leverage SystemDomain’s client portfolio and leading IT professional services capabilities to implement and integrate its portfolio of products across various industry segments".

SystemDomain had been ranked as:

• Top 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solution Provider 2017' by “Silicon India”
• DiversityBusiness.com’s (now OMNIKAL) OMNI500 Top Businesses for 2017
• Gold Medal as the Fastest Growing Cyber Security Firm by Cyber Security Excellence Awards


SystemDomain is global information technology and consulting services company based in Chicago, IL with focus in Cyber Security & Risk Management, Digital, Cloud, Data Analytics and Professional Services (such as Enterprise Architecture, Database, Network Management, ERP, CRM, Cloud and Digital Transformation). SystemDomain strives to connect with their customers, clients, and partners with an unbeatable portfolio of solutions to leverage critical trends such as big data & analytics, social business and security. SDI has offshore software development and support centers for clients who are interested in cost-effective and reliable services. World's leading software companies had signed partnership with SystemDomain to integrate and implement their solutions across various industries.

For more information, please visit www.systemdomaininc.com

About Ostendio

Ostendio’s MyVCM™ streamlines the way companies build, manage and demonstrate their information security framework. The MyVCM platform provides an enterprise view of an organization’s cybersecurity program. MyVCM’s unique bottom-up security approach provides a workflow solution that engages every employee and manages all aspects of security and compliance which allows organizations to easily report their security posture to internal and external stakeholders. With MyVCM, customers can ensure they are secure and compliant.
Ostendio is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and has customers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

You can read the official press release here.

Niamh Bennett
Post by Niamh Bennett
April 2, 2018