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Ostendio is offering MyVCM Select free to new customers for the next 90 days to help organizations struggling to adapt to this rapidly changing remote work environment in a secure manner.

Organizations are increasingly relying on third party vendors to support them and understanding the security of your remote workforce and the vendors in your supply chain has never been more important.  Risk lies in wait from bad actors looking to exploit vendors who are unprepared for the changing demands being placed upon them.  Even billion dollar organizations like Zoom, who are experiencing an unprecedented boom in business, are struggling to maintain the privacy and security of their users.

Use the MyVCM platform to support your security strategy by:

1. Supporting your vendors.  MyVCM includes a Business Continuity template specifically designed for this crisis. It is easy to send this to all vendors so you can better quantify any risk they might present.  The Vendor Connect module of the MyVCM platform allows you to track what your vendors and partners are doing to maintain their Business Continuity. You can track vendor business relationships to ensure they are acting securely so they can continue to support your business.

2. Keeping in touch with your employees and contractors. Communication is key during an emergency and MyVCM allows employees and contractors to share their contact information and keep in touch. 

3. Better managing policy updates. With more people working remotely, MyVCM can be used to issue updated company policies, track approvals and manage acknowledgement.  When policies change quickly in emergency situations it is a powerful way to know who has acknowledged receipt of new information or who has not seen it yet and needs to be contacted in another way. 
4. Keeping employees up-to-date with training. Many of our customers use MyVCM to deploy and track the training sessions completed by their employees. When everyone is working remotely, training can be scheduled virtually using MyVCM and testing modules can be added to make sure employees fully understand the training provided. You can also use MyVCM to keep track of which training sessions your team has completed and easily see what modules they might be missing.
5. Managing and tracking exceptions. As we rush to become productive in emergency situations policy exceptions are often made as we need to move quickly to make things work. Track these changes via a MyVCM Exception Ticket, include approvals and maintain a record of the changes so you can bring these exceptions back in line when normal business resumes. By tracking exceptions you can maintain better control during unusual working situations.  
6. Managing assets and access. With additional people working remotely, new capital equipment (eg. laptops) may have been purchased and assigned to employees or access may have been given to additional systems to allow for remote working. All of these new activities should be tracked to ensure compliance with company policy. You can use MyVCM to maintain a record of who has been assigned assets and who has been given access to systems so you can reconcile later. This allows your IT team to know if they have enough equipment for everyone and if the systems they are using can handle the increased number of users.

By making MyVCM free for the next 90 days, we want to ensure cost is not an impediment to security and encourage businesses to take advantage of this free assistance. Not only will you receive MyVCM Select free for 90 days but you will be better prepared to handle a crisis situation in the future by documenting plans and policies. You can learn more by contacting our Customer Success team at customersuccess@ostendio.com or simply register directly at https://register.myvcm.net/.

We look forward to working with you and supporting your business into the future.

Grant Elliott