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Arlington, VA - November 13, 2019 - Ostendio, a leading provider of cybersecurity and risk management software, proudly announced today that Sempre Health is the winner of the annual 2019 MyVCM Trust Network Award. Sempre Health, the leading solution for behavior-based healthcare pricing, was recognized with this award for continually demonstrating their commitment to securing data and mitigating risk. 

The MyVCM Trust Network Awards recognize innovative companies that demonstrate excellence in managing their information security, risk management, and compliance programs. Each month Ostendio reports the top three leading companies based on their overall compliance activity. Each year an annual winner is also announced. Sempre Health has consistently ranked in the monthly MyVCM Trust Network Award winners and demonstrating a consistency that is necessary within any security program.

Sempre Health designs point-of-sale dynamic discounts and SMS-based engagement to incentivize healthy behaviors. Working with health plans and pharma manufacturers, Sempre Health is fundamentally changing medication affordability and access across the US. Unlike traditional coupons and vouchers, Sempre Health works with multiple healthcare stakeholders to dynamically adjust a patient's copayment based on individual adherence and behavior, seamlessly at the point of fill.

"Sempre Health chose the MyVCM platform to help us better protect our users’ data. I am very pleased that our commitment to information security has been recognized with this award," said Swaraj Banerjee, Co-founder and CTO of Sempre Health.

"We are extremely impressed with Sempre Health’s momentum over the last year and happy to present them with this award. It is clear from their consistent use of MyVCM they are committed to building and maintaining a robust information security program,” said Grant Elliott, President and CEO of Ostendio. “We are proud to work with Sempre Health and look forward to many more years of growth together." 

The Ostendio MyVCM  integrated risk management platform continues to innovate to support customers in the MyVCM Trust Network.  New features called Crosswalk Assessments and Auditor Connect were launched recently. Both features improve security audit efficiency and can save both auditors and customers up to 50 percent in the time and cost of completing a security audit.

Ostendio 2019 MyVCM Award 2

Ostendio CEO, Grant Elliott and Ostendio CIO, Jermaine Jones presented the award recently to Swaraj Banerjee, Co-founder and CTO of Sempre Health at the Sempre Health office, San Francisco, CA. [Photo]

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Ostendio MyVCM™ is an Integrated Risk Management Platform that makes it easier to build, operate, and showcase your security program. Organizations of any size who need to demonstrate compliance to security standards internally and externally can benefit from MyVCM. The platform provides a single solution that incorporates users and requirements from across the enterprise. MyVCM helps companies: Identify and quantify enterprise risk; Quickly build and deploy security assessments; Manage and respond to security incidents and breaches; and Align vendors and suppliers to security and compliance standards.

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Miranda Elliott, Marketing & PR
Post by Miranda Elliott, Marketing & PR
November 13, 2019