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Purposeful Platform Integrations extend beyond data snapshot so clients can take immediate action

McLean, Va. (May 4, 2023) - Ostendio, Inc., a leading provider of integrated security, compliance, and risk management solutions, today announced the expansion of its Open API and Pre-configured integration capabilities, called Purposeful Integrations.   Purposeful integrations enable clients to automate data collection to meet their security and compliance goals, and take action.

Ostendio’s approach to platform integrations will support an organization's broader compliance and risk management activities by enabling integration to all its platform modules. Unlike standard data snapshots that only mirror third-party data, Ostendio's purposeful integrations enable clients to compare data with pre-determined security policies and procedures, ensuring the current, or ‘What is’, state matches the security policy, or ‘What should be’, state. Additionally, actions can be taken within the Ostendio platform to ensure the necessary checks and balances required by most security frameworks are being completed. Where discrepancies are identified, the Ostendio platform facilitates the remediation, enabling the Ostendio platform to remain as the only security and compliance solution on which 100% of the audit can be completed in-platform.

“For most security audits, 85% of the work is procedural, which is where the Ostendio platform has historically excelled,” said Grant Elliott, CEO of Ostendio. “By adding Purposeful Integrations and Open APIs, Ostendio is opening up our platform so our clients and partners now have the best of both worlds - simple automation combined with an industry-leading platform to thoughtfully manage the information being captured.” 

With security top of mind, the Ostendio platform allows clients to generate multiple API profiles to limit the possibility and potential damage of a data breach in the event that a third party system is compromised. The API profiles can be configured to be unique per integration and support multiple authentication methods. Ostendio API requests also allow clients to white-label the requester URL or IP address to further secure the integration.

Ostendio Open APIs are built on the easy-to-use REST API standard. Ostendio integrations go beyond surface-level compliance by allowing organizations to:

  • Verify asset information
    Synch with inventory management platforms or pull information in from an organization’s cloud provider, such as AWS or Azure, to ensure assets are configured as expected and take action if they are not.
  • Support two-way integration with third-party ticket management tools
    Synch tickets to ensure organizations can manage tasks back and forward across the enterprise.
  • Enhance user management and authentication
    Simplify onboarding and offboarding of staff by integrating with leading identity and access management platforms.
  • Improve audit tracking
    Pull in log management data to meet change management and log monitoring requirements.

A full list of platforms with preconfigured APIs is available on the Ostendio website

Post by Ostendio
May 4, 2023