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DC Based Firm Launches Beta Version of Cloud Based Compliance Management Platform to Help Small to Medium Businesses With Privacy and Security Compliance.


March 14, 2014 Washington, DC.  Ostendio, Inc. announced today the launch of MyVirtualComplianceManager™ (or MyVCM™), the first generally available Compliance Management solution that manages real-time compliance. MyVCM™ is targeted at small to medium business that need to demonstrate compliance to privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA. The platform is regulation agnostic and can be used to manage compliance against a number of standards and regulations such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and FISMA.

This beta version comes with a 50 question High Level Risk Assessment that allows businesses to assess readiness for a fuller audit. The platform also contains a Policy Management module, a Policy & Training Template Library, a Training & Assessment module, and a System & Application Access Management module. Starting at only $20 per month per user the solution is priced to appeal to small and medium sized businesses.

“Most compliance solutions just provide a company’s Compliance Manager with template polices and guidance, leaving them to manage compliance on their own.” says Ostendio’s CEO Grant Elliott. “By displaying real-time compliance at an individual level and with escalation workflows highlighting non-compliance, MyVCM™ effectively does the heavy lifting of compliance management for customers by ensuring every employee knows what they need to do to remain compliant.”


As a former Chief Operations Officer and Chief Information Security Officer I know how important it is to balance compliance requirements with the primary objective of growing a successful business


"We had been looking for a way to manage compliance within the resource and budget constraints of a small business” said Jeff Lee, CEO of mprove Health, an early beta customer. “MyVirtualComplianceManager™ not only provided us with an affordable way to become complaint, but it helps ensure we stay compliant as a part of our everyday activities.”

Jessica Hsu, CTO of Luminate Health said, “I had thoroughly researched what it would take for a new company like ours to be compliant and it seemed like a daunting task. But with MyVCM™ we not only have the necessary polices in place but a simple and effective way to police them ensuring the task remains manageable.”

“Understanding what you need to do to be compliant is hard enough,” says Douglas Naegele, President of Infield Health. “But maintaining compliance is even harder. MyVCM™ is helping us do both.”

This release is just the beginning. Later this year Ostendio plans to release additional MyVCM™ modules to support Incident Management, Vendor Management and Business Continuity.

Ostendio was founded by Grant Elliott in August 2013. Prior to founding Ostendio, Elliott was the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Voxiva, a market leader in providing Digital Health solutions.

About Ostendio, Inc. 
Ostendio delivers affordable compliance solutions to small and medium businesses. Ostendio’s MyVirtualComplianceManager™ is a cloud based compliance management platform that delivers an easy to use, cost-effective way to improve their Information Security posture.

MyVirtualComplianceManager™ allows businesses to: assess risk; create and manage critical policies and procedures; educate and assess employees on their security awareness; and monitor continuous compliance against industry regulations.

Grant Elliott
Post by Grant Elliott
March 17, 2014