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Companies partner to offer an easier way to maintain compliance with changing cybersecurity regulations and requirements

Ostendio, a leading provider of cybersecurity and information management software, today announced that they have partnered with ComplianceForge, a solutions provider of cybersecurity and privacy compliance documentation. This partnership will bring together two companies with a history of providing premium B2B cybersecurity solutions.

Ostendio has already signed up to utilize the open-source Secure Controls Framework. The SCF is a comprehensive set of cybersecurity and privacy controls that spans over 100 statutory, regulatory and contractual frameworks.

"We're excited to partner with ComplianceForge and combine their industry-leading information security documentation with our cybersecurity management software to simplify the process of complying with ever-changing industry standards," said Grant Elliott, CEO and President, Ostendio. "By utilizing ComplianceForge's documentation expertise and leveraging the SCF, we have built in to MyVCM an automated cross-walk which allows companies to more easily comply with multiple privacy and security regulations."

Tom Cornelius, Senior Partner at ComplianceForge and Founder of the Secure Controls Framework explains, "The mission of the SCF is to provide a powerful catalyst that will advance how cybersecurity and privacy controls are utilized at the strategic, operational and tactical layers of an organization.  By building this and ComplianceForge's industry-leading documentation into Ostendio's MyVCM platform, companies will find it easier to implement a variety of controls across multiple standards and regulations, including NIST, SOC, GDPR, and FedRAMP."

With the number of successful hacking incidents on the rise, companies have to be more vigilant than ever. This newly formed partnership between Ostendio and ComplianceForge will make it significantly easier for companies to improve their security and compliance posture.

About the Secure Controls Framework

The SCF has the ambitious goal of providing FREE cybersecurity and privacy control guidance to cover the strategic, operational and tactical needs of organizations, regardless of its size, industry or country of origin. The SCF is now available to the public at no cost. You can learn more here: https://www.securecontrolsframework.com/secure-controls-framework

About ComplianceForge

ComplianceForge specializes in offering professionally-written IT security documentation. We offer comprehensive written information security policies and standards to meet common information security requirements that businesses face.

We are specialists within the cybersecurity profession, where our focus is on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Our comprehensive documentation helps companies become and stay compliant with cybersecurity and privacy requirements.

To learn more about ComplianceForge please visit https://www.complianceforge.com/

About Ostendio

Ostendio's MyVCM™ streamlines the way companies build, manage and demonstrate their information security framework. The MyVCM platform provides an enterprise view of an organization's cybersecurity program. MyVCM's unique bottom-up security approach provides a workflow solution which engages every employee and manages all aspects of security and compliance which allows organizations to easily report their security posture to internal and external stakeholders. With MyVCM, customers can ensure they are secure and compliant.

For more information about Ostendio's MyVCM, please visit www.ostendio.com and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.


Post by Ostendio
April 25, 2018