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ARLINGTON, VA, June 21, 2016 – Ostendio, a leading provider of healthcare information security and risk management solutions, today announced that higi, the nation’s single largest network of health stations, has selected MyVCMTM to enhance the security of its health services. With MyVCM, higi’s real-time information services will now be able to better protect patient information (in accordance with HIPAA compliance) and meet the Quality Management System requirements for FDA compliance.

higi’s easy-to-use health stations, which are conveniently located in retail locations across the U.S., are trusted and used by millions of consumers every year. Each station is linked to higi’s real-time information platform to help consumers create positive, lasting health habits. higi’s unique, omnichannel health platform enables consumers to collect and, optionally, share their health and activity data such as blood pressure or weight with trusted partners and communities. Because of the sensitive nature of this information, higi must ensure that the patient data it collects and transmits is accurate and secure.

“higi is all about making healthy connections between information, education and motivation,” said Dr. Khan Siddiqui, higi’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Technology Officer. “At the core of those connections is trust. With MyVCM, higi can more easily ensure that our employees and our partners are following security best practices and the latest compliance requirements.”

“At the core of higi’s solution is personalized information,” said Grant Elliott, Ostendio’s Founder and CEO. “With MyVCM, higi can continue to pursue innovation while delivering the secure, quality experience that its customers have come to expect.”

As a user of MyVCM, higi is now a member of MyVCM Trust Network™, a connected network of organizations that takes industry compliance seriously. higi joins other established Trust Network members like Altruista Health and the American College of Cardiology who can already share information in real time with their customers, vendors and partners.


About Ostendio

Ostendio helps healthcare companies and medical device manufacturers improve security, reduce risk and demonstrate compliance through its cloud-based security platform, MyVCM. Leveraging the power of the MyVCM Trust NetworkTM, MyVCM delivers simplicity and accountability to digital health companies that need to reduce risk, ensure compliance and demonstrate their security preparedness to their peers and partners.

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About higi

higi’s mission is to get consumers to take small but meaningful steps to create lasting health habits. Its unique retail, omni-channel community health engagement platform gives consumers the power to collect and, when they opt in, share their health and activity data with trusted partners and communities. Millions of consumers access the higi platform to check their blood pressure, weight, pulse, BMI and link their activity data from more than 70 third-party devices.

The higi platform includes the nation’s largest single network of health stations in the U.S. The platform includes the station, web and a mobile app platform. higi stations are HIPAA-compliant, FDA 510k Class II medical devices that provide a secure real-time flow of information with multiple screening and tracking modalities, incentives and rewards.


Post by Ostendio
June 21, 2016