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Welcome back to Digital Health Today, the place to be to get the insights of leaders making the healthcare of tomorrow, available today. This is a Coffee Talk.

Today, we’re taking on the issue of cybersecurity. Have you ever wondered how much more secure – or perhaps less secure – your organization is compared to your peers in the industry? This could have a significant impact on your business not simply the operational performance of your organization, but on the commercial opportunities as well. With the risks and threats surrounding healthcare data, the stakes are high to make sure that organizations, and all their partners, vendors and clients, are proactive and compliant with the latest requirements.

Joining me in our virtual studio is Grant Elliott, President & CEO at Ostendio. Ostendio is a leading provider of cybersecurity and information management software based in my home state, in the northern part of Virginia outside DC. Ostendio is taking the lead to make security auditing easier for smaller companies, and affordable and accessible to organizations of any size.  Be sure to download their great resources from their website and learn how to help protect your organization.

Listen to the full podcast here!

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Post by Dan Kendall, Digital Health Today
September 3, 2019