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Ostendio MyVCM CrossWalk Assessments are the simplest and most effective way to prepare for and execute security audits. It automatically creates and pre-populates template assessments for over 100 regulations and standards making it easier and faster for our customers and their auditors to be audit-ready. This is crucial for healthcare companies who need an efficient and robust way to demonstrate and maintain compliance for key regulations like SOC 2 and HIPAA.


Key Components of CrossWalk

  • Corporate Profiles, which serve as your organization’s public outward-facing presentation to customers and other stakeholders. A corporate profile is used to explain items at a high level like the operational makeup of your organization, your product/services, revenue, key employee information and more.
  • Smart Tags allow users to map any control from one framework to another.  MyVCM’s Smart Tags map your company’s security and compliance program across over 100 different frameworks and compliance standards. Once tags are assigned, the artifact is automatically mapped to the equivalent corresponding tag in every other security framework and regulation. Need to meet AICPA’s SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA? Smart Tags allow your organization to crosswalk between these two frameworks with just a few clicks of button.
  • CrossWalk Assessments create and manage assessment templates for use throughout the various internal and external phases of a security audit. CrossWalk Assessments pre-build questions for over 100 regulations and standards while also supporting ad-hoc and custom assessments. Workflow and benchmarking combine to rapidly speed up the overall audit process. For more info on Crosswalk Assessments, check out our blog post from the launch.

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