As America gears up for hot dogs, fireworks and celebrating with friends and family, keep in mind these five security tips to help protect your personal data while traveling or away from the office.

  1. Remove sensitive data from your devices

It’s easy to misplace a phone or an iPad while you’re traveling. Before leaving on your trip, back-up the devices you’re bringing, and remove any sensitive data such as financial statements and passport scans.


  1. Update security on your mobile devices

Check that your anti-virus, malware and operating systems are up-to-date on your mobile devices. Ensure that your devices are password protected, adding another layer of security protection in case your devices get stolen.


  1. Don’t use USB chargers in public places

Cybercriminals can use your USB cable to deploy ransomware, which allows them to hold your data hostage. Reduce this risk by charging all your devices at home, or by using a powerbrick that plugs into a power outlet. Similarly, don’t use public charging Kiosk – they often contain malware.


  1. Don’t be tempted by public Wi-Fi

This one is tough, especially if you are traveling through an airport, or are on a long train journey. However, public Wi-Fi leaves you vulnerable. Assume the worst, that someone is watching you. If you’re on the network, so might a cybercriminal. If you must use public Wi-Fi, do not connect to a financial institution or a site which contains your medical records.


  1. Minimize location sharing

When traveling, it’s common for people to share where and when they’re going. However, this creates a security threat as it lets criminals know when you are not at home, or not in your hotel room. Limit the information you post online about your specific location, or wait until you return from your trip to post updates and photos.

Need more security tips which you can share with friends and colleagues? We’ve created a useful 2-page download of helpful security reminders. You can download them here

Post by Niamh Bennett
June 28, 2017