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Webinars are some of our most popular content on the Ostendio web site. Across 2019 we hosted a series of webinars that combined best practices and how-to’s for a variety of risk management, compliance, and cybersecurity topics. We used our combined years of industry knowledge and experience to bring forward new ideas, share experiences and offer advice. We invited industry experts to join us in our discussions to simplify the sometimes complex business of cybersecurity. So which webinars got the most attention?

We looked at registration counts and watch-time to build our list of the most popular Ostendio webinars of 2019. They are all available on-demand, so you should queue these up to enjoy during your holiday downtime!

  1. 7 Key Steps to Developing an Audit-Ready Security program: In many cases, security audits are a headache, because they involve a lot of reactive work every single time. But if you take the right steps to be audit-ready, you can absorb the impact of almost any audit without disrupting your business. This webinar lays out a 7-step playbook to making your organization audit-ready.
  2. Introducing the Security and Privacy -Capability Maturity Model
    Although it might seem like a complex name, the CMM webinar is an easy way to get your head around an emerging industry viewpoint of how security is developing.  It explains, in simple terms, why the CMM is important and what it offers businesses. With CMM author, Tom Cornelius, as a guest speaker we break it down so everyone can understand why it is important and how understanding it will help your business.
  3. The 5 Common Pitfalls of Security Audits
    If not handled correctly, Security Audits can take away from time and effort that could be used to grow your business. Turn a Security Audit into a positive business advantage and learn how to run an effective security audit, the tools to use and how to avoid some common mistakes.
  4. Security Audits at a Crossroads
    In the fight against breaches and data hacks, security audits have never been more important. Being able to show your security posture is more critical than ever. But the process of choosing an auditor and starting the audit process has barely evolved in years. That’s all changed with the new online marketplace which benefits auditors and customers alike. Learn more about this ground-breaking development.
  5. HITRUST Success: What you need to know
    If you are in the healthcare industry this is a webinar not to be missed. The webinar covers the importance of HITRUST, the costs associated with certification and the challenges involved.  It includes an added bonus discussion about SOC 2 integration and what it means to your organization.

So pull up a chair, grab a coffee and take some time to learn about industry issues in this easy to follow format.

Still have questions after watching the webinars?  You will find a whole range of resources available for free on the Ostendio web site on our Resources Page including webinars, cheat-sheets and checklists. 

Ian Walsh
Post by Ian Walsh
December 17, 2019