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A foreword from Grant Elliott, CEO, Ostendio

Ostendio is celebrating its 10th anniversary, commemorating a decade of building and developing the Ostendio platform. As an integrated risk management platform, Ostendio has evolved and matured over the years. The platform now boasts multiple modules that seamlessly work together to support a complex array of use cases, reflecting the platform's continuous growth and evolution. Ostendio's longevity and continuous development show our deep commitment to excellence and a drive to provide clients with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the modern security landscape.

The clients we serve are serious security professionals who understand the level of effort involved in undergoing a complex security audit. They also understand - and in some cases have experienced - the dangers of taking the alternative “easy” path that can open the door to data breaches and security concerns. Often, they’ve chosen Ostendio after witnessing firsthand what can go wrong using an approach that prioritizes “automation” and checking the proverbial audit box over developing a robust security program. 

The success of the platform is a tribute to the experienced security and compliance professionals at Ostendio, our MSSP and audit partners, and the serious security professionals who we’re grateful to call our clients.  

Thanks to this joint effort, our clients can scale their security programs to company growth, increase the efficiency of their security audits by enabling them to collaborate with auditors directly within the platform and provide the functionality to crosswalk evidence across 200+ frameworks.  

We look forward to the next 10+ years of working with experienced security professionals who understand the importance of building a security program to keep “Everyone Secure”.

[Read our Security Manifesto and find out how we can work together to make Everyone Secure]

Ostendio Security Manifesto for Serious Security Professionals

How Ostendio developed an integrated risk management platform

We developed the Ostendio platform in a thoughtful way.  We knew we would be dealing with serious security professionals who understood the nuances behind excellence in product development. Our goal has always been to exceed expectations and build new capabilities over time. 

Here’s an overview of how we approached the development of the Ostendio platform. One that is loved by users and trusted by auditors.

The Three Phases of Product Development

In the fast-paced world of technology, product development is a critical process that determines the success of any application or platform. However, understanding the nuances of product development can be challenging, especially when it comes to the perception of maturity and ease of use. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of the "Pull-Up Development" model, which consists of three phases and sheds light on the evolution of an application from simplicity to intuitive complexity.

Phase 1: Simplicity - The Deceptive Charm

In the initial phase of product development, the focus is on creating a simple application with limited functionality. This minimalistic approach allows developers to introduce a new application swiftly and make it incredibly easy to use. Users are drawn to the seamless experience of the application, and the charm of simplicity can be quite deceptive.  They are often promoted based on their simplicity and ease of use.  

It is important to differentiate this phase from the concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A Minimum Viable Product is a pre-release version of the product with the primary objective of determining whether the product actually meets the requirements of the user. It is typically a stripped-down version of the final product, designed to gather user feedback and validate the core idea. On the other hand, Phase 1 in the pull-up development model is not about testing the viability of the product; instead, it focuses on creating a polished and easy-to-use application that can be readily adopted by new prospects.

While these early-stage applications might seem simple, they often come with significant limitations in terms of use cases. The narrow scope means they are designed to work perfectly within predefined parameters, but any attempt to push beyond those boundaries can lead to frustrations and complications. Users may find that the application fails to meet their needs when used over time or in unconventional ways, leading them to believe that the product is not fully developed or fit for their purpose.  Unfortunately, this might only be discovered after the solution has been purchased leaving the user frustrated.    

The Temptation of Simplicity in Complex Environments

In a complex environment, the allure of a simple solution to prospective customers can be strong, especially when organizations have limited budgets and resources. A silver bullet solution, which promises an easy fix for a complex problem, may appear appealing at first glance. However, the reality is that true requirements in such environments are often intricate and multifaceted.

While a simpler solution may initially seem cost-effective to prospective customers, it can lead to significant challenges in the long run. Organizations that adopt these simpler solutions often find themselves investing more time, money, and effort to compensate for not addressing the complexities that were not adequately accounted for in the simplistic approach. In such cases, what initially appeared to be a more economical solution ends up more costly in the grand scheme of things.  Some organizations know this but still use messaging that leans into the ease of use even though the functionality is limited,  assuming they can play catch up down the road.   


Phase 2: Complexity - Expanding Horizons

As the application gains popularity, users inevitably demand more features and functionalities. In this second phase, developers respond to these requests by adding multiple use cases, turning the once simple application into a more complicated one. As a result, the ease of use that initially attracted the early adopters of the application begins to wane.

This phase can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, the expanded functionality may clutter the user interface, making it more challenging for users to find and apply the features they need. On the other hand, the added complexity also allows the application to cater to a broader range of use cases, making it more versatile. However, this expanded capability often comes at the cost of increasingly complex user navigation and, ultimately, the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the application.


Phase 3: Intuitive Complexity - The Elegance of Maturity

In the pursuit of simplifying the complexity of use cases, Ostendio's product development and engineering teams work tirelessly to ensure that the platform caters to a wide range of requirements in today's increasingly challenging security compliance environment. Organizations face mounting pressure to demonstrate compliance to various security and privacy frameworks, such as ISO 27001, NIST 800-171, and HITRUST. Ostendio understands the struggle organizations face in building, operating, and showcasing a robust and secure security program.

One of the many challenges the market has witnessed in recent years is the emergence of newer applications that have been introduced to the market while still within the first phase of development. These applications may appear attractive, especially to less experienced organizations, as they often promise simplicity and ease of use. However, we’ve recently worked with organizations who’ve gravitated to Ostendio after realizing the limitations of these early-stage applications to handle the complexities of the modern security and compliance landscape.

At Ostendio, we’re proud to have developed a mature and comprehensive solution that can handle a broad range of use cases. After a decade of relentless development, Ostendio has become the only platform in the market that enables organizations to build every aspect of their security program within a single, unified platform. Additionally, Ostendio enables organizations to demonstrate 100% of their security controls without the need to export a single artifact, streamlining the compliance process.

The Ostendio platform is also the auditors' choice, making it the preferred option for completing 100% of the audit process. This level of recognition and trust from auditors reflects the platform's robustness and effectiveness in meeting various compliance standards.

The success of the Ostendio platform is attributed to the dedicated team that has been building and refining it for the past 10 years. The expertise and experience amassed during this period have allowed Ostendio to understand and address the diverse needs of organizations across different industries.

As organizations search for a reliable and comprehensive platform to address their risk management and compliance requirements, it is vital to consider all these factors. 

Ostendio platform - a leading integrated risk management platform

Product development continues at Ostendio

The pull-up development model offers valuable insights into the evolution of applications from simplicity to intuitive complexity. In complex environments, the temptation of a simple solution can lead organizations astray, ultimately costing them more time, money, and effort in the long run.

By understanding the three phases of product development and the importance of navigating complexity wisely, both developers and prospective client organizations can collaborate to create applications that strike the right balance between functionality and ease of use. Embracing the concept of intuitive complexity ensures that products not only meet the diverse needs of users but also thrive in the ever-changing landscape of technology.

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Summer 2023 G2 puts Ostendio at the top (1600 × 600 px)

Ostendio's 10th anniversary celebration marks a milestone in the journey of an integrated risk management platform that has evolved through three distinct phases of development. As the platform has matured, it now offers multiple modules that cater to complex use cases, empowering organizations to navigate the ever-changing security and compliance environment with confidence.

The dedication of Ostendio's product development and engineering teams to simplify the complexity of use cases has led to a platform that is unlike any other in the market. Organizations can now build, operate, and demonstrate their security programs within a unified platform, streamlining compliance efforts and achieving comprehensive security controls.

With auditors embracing the Ostendio platform as a preferred tool for completing audits, the trust and recognition garnered by the platform further solidify its position as a top choice for risk management and compliance needs.

As Ostendio continues its journey, we’re proud to have served as a testament to the importance of continuous development, understanding user requirements, and dedication to providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of a challenging security landscape. Organizations seeking a reliable and mature platform continue to rely on Ostendio to safeguard their digital environments and demonstrate their commitment to security and compliance. If you are a serious security professional and want to learn more, schedule a time to speak to an expert at Ostendio.

Post by Ostendio
July 25, 2023