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Today is an exciting day for Ostendio customers as we launch the third component of our CrossWalk feature set - CrossWalk Assessments. This new capability makes the MyVCM Platform the simplest and most effective way to prepare for and execute security audits. It automatically creates and pre-populates template assessments for over 100 regulations and standards making it easier and faster for our customers and their auditors to be audit-ready.

Today’s launch builds on the existing overall CrossWalk feature set including Corporate Profiles, Smart Tags, and now CrossWalk Assessments.

Last year we unveiled Corporate Profiles, which serve as your organization’s public outward-facing presentation to customers and other stakeholders. A corporate profile is used to explain items at a high level like the operational makeup of your organization, your product/services, revenue, key employee information, and more. Earlier this year we also released Smart Tags, which allow users to map any control from one framework to another.  MyVCM’s Smart Tags map your company’s security and compliance program across over 100 different frameworks and compliance standards. Once tags are assigned, the artifact is automatically mapped to the equivalent corresponding tag in every other security framework and regulation. Need to meet AICPA’s SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA? Smart Tags allow your organization to crosswalk between these two frameworks with just a few clicks of a button.

This brings us to the 3rd phase which we are excited to launch today - CrossWalk Assessments.  This new capability allows template assessments to be created and managed through the various internal and external phases of a security audit. CrossWalk Assessments pre-build questions for over 100 regulations and standards while also supporting ad-hoc and custom assessments. Workflow and benchmarking combine to rapidly speed up the overall audit process.

  • Workflow: Anyone (internal team member or external audit firm) can approve and reject submissions against your assessment and allow you to take relevant corrective action directly in the platform. This streamlines a process that typically spans multiple forms requiring manual compilation. This puts the approval process directly into the system of record. No more back and forth emails, it’s all collected in MyVCM in one place.

  • Benchmarks: not only CrossWalk between 2 different standards, but also benchmark your upcoming assessments against your already completed ones.  For example, if you have done SOC 2, but need HITRUST, CrossWalk Assessments can estimate your compliance for any number of new frameworks based on other assessments you’ve completed using MyVCM.  

Ultimately, you will be able to extend these assessments to your vendors…. Stay tuned for news on that in the not-too-distant future. Take a quick glimpse at CrossWalk Assessments in action.  

So how do CrossWalk Assessments help? For Security and Risk Management teams, you can now streamline your certification process and reduce errors. From an audit perspective, you can reduce the cost and time associated with security audits.  And auditors benefit too because they can reduce the time required to conduct security audits.

Want to See it In Action?

We are hosting a live webinar on June 26, 2019, at 1 PM EST. Here’s a link to watch the webinar ondemand. In the meantime, if you’d like to see it live for yourself before then, make sure to Request a Demo from our sales team.  

Chris Prince
Post by Chris Prince
June 11, 2019