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As a CISO, you’ve spent time deciding on the best platform to suit your data security and risk management needs and you are ready for the implementation. But what happens when you need to train your staff or what happens if you have a question? After the sales team has handed off your account does your phone ring to voicemail when you call customer service for your new SaaS platform? Are you waiting for days for a response to a simple question?  That’s why understanding the role of Customer Service, or as we call it at Ostendio - Customer Success - is so important.  At Ostendio, we believe that Customer Success is a partner to our customers, helping them be successful and use the Ostendio MyVCM to its full potential.

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What should you look for in Customer Success?

When selecting a platform - look for these 5 elements in their customer success team to ensure you get the services you need to be successful.

  1. A team with expertise
    The Ostendio Customer Success team have all undergone extensive training in the platform and are using it every day. They know all the ins and outs of the platform and can give customers great advice for how to use it for their specific needs. The Customer Success team works closely with our industry experts to stay informed on ever changing world of risk management and compliance.
  2. A team that cares about our customers
    At Ostendio we value customer satisfaction. Our Customer Success team always has time to help customers resolve issues quickly so they can work on their data security and risk management programs. Our core value of empathy is displayed in each and every interaction with our customers.
  3. A team that is responsive
    Our Customer Success team strives to meet the customer’s needs as soon as possible. We have imposed both internal and client facing SLAs to ensure that we meet our goals in responding to questions and issues quickly.
  4. A team that is accessible
    The Ostendio Customer Success team is available by phone Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm to all our MyVCM Premium and MyVCM Enterprise customers.  Each customer is allocated a dedicated Customer Success representative who will be their main point of contact.
  5. A team that listens and acts on behalf of the customer
    At Ostendio we are always looking for new ways to improve our service. We welcome feedback from our customers on ways to improve Ostendio MyVCM based on their use of the platform and will notify customers when we believe those improvements can be added to the development schedule.

“The product is pretty easy to use, and it has integrated very well into our company. Customer service has been excellent and super helpful any time we have questions!” - Sydney P., Security and Compliance Specialist, Information Technology and Services company.

How does Customer Success add value to your business?

By selecting a platform with an excellent Customer Success team you will benefit from the strategic and tactical guidance they can offer your employees as you establish your data security and risk management program.  They will help you leverage your use of the platform to prepare for audits to standards and certifications such as SOC2 and HITRUST.  By having a responsive Customer Success team available to help you, onboarding will be smooth and when new features become available, training will be given to your staff to get them up to speed. A Customer Success team will also add value to your business by having in-app guidance, help desk articles, training videos and webinars so there is always information available to your employees as they begin to use the platform.

“The Ostendio team was friendly, informative, patient, and thorough with our onboarding and responded personally to every question that we had. I highly recommend this team to anyone!” - Keaton R., Co-Founder, Compliance Officer,  Health, Wellness and Fitness company.

Why does Ostendio handle customer success so well?   

At Ostendio, we treat our customers like partners. Our Customer Success team understands that the success of our customers is directly tied to our success as an organization. Our customer interactions are unilaterally guided by the desire to be a trusted advisor rather than an account manager. 

Can customers give feedback on the platform and suggestions for improvement?

We value the input of our customers and their users and you should be looking for a platform that encourages user input. Ostendio Customer Success uses various methods to actively seek out feedback from our customers, including forming a Customer Advisory Board, surveys, frequent communication about new features to ensure they resonate with our customer base. We benefit from the comments we get from our customers about ways we could improve the Ostendio MyVCM platform or new features they would like to see. Often, they are already in development and we can notify customers of the timeline for implementation. 

Customer needs in a crisis?  How has COVID affected Customer Success?

Our core value of empathy has never been of greater importance than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ostendio is working closely with customers to help them best adapt to the rapidly changing economic and regulatory landscape. Beyond assisting with all things Ostendio MyVCM, Ostendio Customer Success is also concerned about the customer’s well being from an individual and organizational standpoint.  The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive to many businesses and the Ostendio Customer Success team has focused on helping users of the Ostendio MyVCM platform as they adjust to their new work environments.

Ostendio has over 7 years of experience helping organizations with their security and risk management programs. The Ostendio MyVCM platform helps organizations build, operate and showcase their compliance programs. If you are considering an audit such as SOC2, HITRUST, FedRAMP or others, speak to Ostendio and learn more about how the Ostendio MyVCM platform can help your business. 

Brant Yerman, Director of Customer Success
Post by Brant Yerman, Director of Customer Success
September 3, 2020