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Ostendio LIVE

SOC Secrets of Success

Top Auditors Share Their Insight to SOC

In the world of SOC audits, there’s no “easy button.” From managing workflows and collecting evidence to selecting the right auditor, there are many components to SOC audits that can be easily overlooked.

Join us for Session 2 of the Audit Master Class™ as we build upon our discussion from Session 1 and dig deeper into the SOC audit with real-world accounts of the Dos and Don'ts of SOC. Hear exclusive insight from A-LIGN and DGC experts to help lead you to SOC success.


  • What does it take to pass a SOC audit?
  • Common SOC 2 audit mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Understanding Control Implementation
  • Best practices for providing SOC 2 audit evidence
  • What makes good SOC 2 evidence
  • How to test controls
  • Customization of controls and aligning processes


  • Grant Elliott, CEO & Chairman, Ostendio
  • Stephanie Oyler-Rankin, Vice President of Attestation Services, A-LIGN
  • Tom Strickland, Principal, DGC (a division of PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP)

[Recorded on June 16, 2022.  Approx 60 mins]

Everyone Secure.

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