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Ostendio On-demand Webinar

Security and Compliance Pitfalls that MSPs
Must Avoid

with guests Aaron Higley and
James Thomas from PI Partners

Webinar On-demand

For Serious Security Professionals

(Cybersecurity Lessons from Private Equity)

Webinar featuring guests Aaron Higley and James Thomas from PI Partners.

📈 Like PE-backed organizations, MSP clients can be prime targets for cyber attacks due to the opportunity to exploit a multiple victim networks 

👨‍💻 Many MSPs are not equipped to provide cybersecurity  protection for their customers due to lack of resources to support growing demands 

🔏 As a result, 39% of all ransomware attacks targeted service providers 

📺 Take a deep dive into how MSPs and PEs reduce the complexity of security compliance by standardizing a multi-tenant technology 

In this webinar discussion, you'll learn: 

  • Why cybersecurity is more critical than ever to MSPs, PEs, and their client companies
  • How to manage the new SEC regulations around cybersecurity 
  • How to measure, manage, and demonstrate security compliance across your client companies
  • How to manage the risks that come with new acquisitions that can negatively impact deal value 
  • Bridging the gaps when transitioning from bootstrapped startup to mature security operations 
  • Real-world examples of the right - and wrong - approaches to cybersecurity compliance
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Recorded live on February 22nd, 2024.

Hosted by Ostendio. 

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