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Ostendio On-demand Webinar ft. Dina, Voluware and Aprio

Scale New Markets + Unlock Revenue with Security Frameworks

Business leaders share how to successfully leverage security frameworks to scale growth

Webinar On-demand

For Serious Security Professionals

Featuring Dina, Voluware, and Aprio

Experts share why going cheap on your audit is more costly in the long run - and how to avoid the traps 

Organizations have long used security frameworks to demonstrate security compliance. But the process is often tedious and non-scalable.

How do you scale this process to meet growing customer demand and expand into new markets? 

Watch this panel discussion to hear real-world examples of how to navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity while scaling these processes to business growth.  Special guests on this webinar include Ashish V. Shah, CEO of Dina, Marty Staszak, CEO of Voluware, and Brett Williams, National Partner at Aprio. 

In this panel discussion, you'll discover how to: 

  1. Select the security framework(s) that align with your business goals

  2. Cut through the clutter of choosing a GRC/compliance platform 

  3. Assess the pros and cons of different auditors

  4. Successfully leverage security frameworks to scale growth

Hosted by Ostendio. 

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