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Ostendio LIVE

Pass your next data security audit the first time

Reduce 80% of Time Spent on Audits by Operationalizing a Security Program Across Your Organization

When security programs are driven by an annual audit, the process becomes episodic, resource-intensive, and costly.

Passing a security audit the first time requires a company-wide effort to build and operate an effective data security program.

Join our on-demand webinar with Grant Elliott, Ostendio CEO, and Gila Pyke, Senior Director of Professional Services, to explore industry best practices for managing an effective security program that meets compliance requirements, prevents multiple audit attempts and guarantees a successful security audit. 


  1. Why is it so challenging to pass an audit?
  2. What does it take to pass a security audit
  3. Who is involved in the audit process?
  4. What happens if you pass? What are the steps to take if you fail?
  5. How to guarantee you will pass your security audit.

[Recorded on March 24, 2022.  Approx 60 mins]

Everyone Secure.

Extend the power of your security platform across your supply chain to include partners, vendors, and even auditors. Everyone.