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The following statement was issued by Grant Elliott, CEO and Chairman, Ostendio.

As we collectively watch the assault on democracy currently taking place in Ukraine, Ostendio stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.  This unprovoked aggression by the Russian government is in direct violation of the values and principles we stand for as both an organization and as individuals. We are adding our voice to the many others calling on Russia to cease hostilities immediately and respect Ukraine's sovereignty in line with international law.    

We call on our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to support the Ukrainian people by contributing to one of the organizations below.  This is not the time to be silent.  As the saying goes, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  It is important we all do whatever we can to help the Ukrainian people in their time of need.

Ostendio matches employee contributions to charitable causes up to $1000 each employee per year. Below are some suggested organizations currently involved in helping the Ukrainian people. 


UNICEF aims to reach vulnerable children and families on the move from "Blue Dot" centers strategically located along transit routes. As many as 4 million people are expected to flee from Ukraine between March 2022 and July 2022 seeking protection and support. 

Blue Dots are an integral part of the UN's broader inter-agency refugee response plan for the region. Assisting unaccompanied and separated children is a top priority. Protecting women and girls from gender-based violence and sexual exploitation is another. 

“Children have been killed. Children have been wounded. And children are being profoundly traumatized by the violence all around them," UNICEF Executive Director Catherine M. Russell said. "We must protect all children in Ukraine. Now. They need peace.”

Learn more about the work of UNICEF in Ukraine.  

World Central Kitchen

On February 24, Russia launched a large-scale attack on neighboring Ukraine, invading the country on several fronts. As a result, more than one million Ukrainians have fled their homes in search of safety, with many more expected to follow. Working at a 24-hour pedestrian border crossing in southern Poland, WCK began serving hot, nourishing meals immediately. Now, we've expanded our efforts to serve people across the region in Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. WCK is also partnering with restaurants inside of Ukraine to get hot meals to anyone in need.

Since our founding, WCK has provided tens of millions of fresh, nourishing meals for communities in need around the world. Your donation today will be used to support our emergency food relief efforts.

Learn more about the World Central Kitchen and how to donate here.

Save the Children - Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Ukraine’s children are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress and mass displacement.

Save the Children is concerned for children caught in the middle of armed conflict, forced from their homes in freezing temperatures, and exposed to injury, hunger and cold.

Your donation to Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund can help provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance. Together, we can protect children in crisis.

Learn more about Save the Children and how to donate here.


Statement of Support for Ukraine (2)

Post by Ostendio
March 9, 2022