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As the world watches incredulously at the events happening all around the US following the tragic killing of George Floyd, the latest in an endless list of black and minority lives ended by the unacceptable brutality from a minority of law enforcement officials, it is impossible to sit quietly on the sideline.  As a diverse organization that proudly embraces different ethnicities, religions, sexualities and cultures it is abhorrent to watch the way violence is being used to suppress the peaceful protests of those advocating freedom and justice for black and minority lives.  

We at Ostendio, in a single voice, want to make it clear we reject racism and any form of bigotry.  We cannot stay quiet while such blatant oppression is being perpetrated.  While words on their own might have limited impact, in moments like this we believe silence is deafening.   To sit on the sidelines and not say anything as we witness such injustice would be an abdication of our basic human decency. 

We will also be making a donation to the Black Lives Matter Foundation and will continue to reinforce the message to our staff, customers and partners that this is not who we are as a company, as a community or as a country.  We hope you will join us in speaking out and making your opposition clear.  #speakoutagainstracism #blacklivesmatter

Grant Elliott, Jermaine Jones & Vidit Mittal

Ostendio founders 2020